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Movie. Not plural...

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Okay, there have been quite a few movie lists, this is not that.

Please state your ONE favorite movie. If you had to choose just one that you could watch anytime and no other. What is your NUMBER ONE favorite?



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The question is too hard (heh, SNL Catherine Zeta-Jones Celebrity Jeopardy flashback)...

But, Gattaca is a great choice.

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Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
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The Big Lebowski
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Treasure Island (heston)
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Too hard
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Donnie Darko.
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I might've been able to narrow it down to two. One is out of the question.
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Originally Posted by Arethusa
I might've been able to narrow it down to two. One is out of the question.

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Yeah! I'm going to get really angry and go listen to some Rage Against the Machine in my room!
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True Romance
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Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim
True Romance
I used to like you!
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Richard III, in the 1995 vintage. It's "Love's Labour's Lost" at civil war, and without Kenneth Branagh. I heard they considered changing the title to just "Richard" or something like "My Kingdom for a horse" to avoid the film being mistaken for a sequel.

Ian McKellen wrote the screenplay while touring the play. Originally he thought it would be a television production, but he soon realized that the large production he envisaged would require the budget of a feature film. Still on tour, he began to consider screen actors he met for roles in the film, including Patrick Stewart, Danny DeVito, and Meryl Streep.
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