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Got this in my email yesterday and thought of you







Ever dream of designing your own motorcycle? How about meeting Dierks Bentley? Your chance to do both is just one click away. We're teaming up with some of our friends to give you the experience of a lifetime. Not only will you win an exclusive ride with Dierks Bentley, including airfare, hotel and spending money, but you'll also bring home a 2017 Harley-Davidson motorcycle including $5,000 for customization. Don't know how to ride? We're also giving away Harley-Davidson Riding Academy tuition and $1,000 in apparel. Enter here for official rules and your chance to win. 

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Originally Posted by Rumpelstiltskin View Post

I didn't read the specs on it.  It has the same engine as the older one?

Basically same bike under the skin. You could damn near build a new R6 with aftermarket + Ebay parts. Disappointing
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Ugh, Roadking with horrible paint job. No thanks.
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Originally Posted by epb View Post

Btw, a 2007 BMW R1200R popped up for sale in my area for $5k - anyone owned one of these? I've always liked the roadsters (way less busy than the R-NineT), but modern Beemers are crammed with tech and there aren't many dealers in rural KY.

You could say I went another way... I picked this up today:

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Opinions on the Triumph Bonneville Bobber?






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^^ I'm digging it. Triumph has enough heritage cred and they can't build the Bonnie fast enough for demand.

That seat is sexy!
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How's that new helmet treating you?  Interior noise?  Weight?

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Originally Posted by Rumpelstiltskin View Post


How's that new helmet treating you?  Interior noise?  Weight?

I've only had one ride with it so far (getting cold here!) but the weight was great and noise was about the same as my Arai.

I did ride with my headphones in though vs. the earplugs/Sena speaker combo that's in my Arai

One snag is that mounting a Sena won't be straightforward because of the plastic gasket that runs along the base of the helmet.

I reached out to ICON and they suggested doing some cutting of that gasket to get the bracket to fit.

Not sure if I want to go that route but we'll see.

You guys still riding? I took a decent one on the weekend and wasn't too cold but it's getting there soon.
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I just rode in today. Mid 40s and the fuse on my heated grips is blown..... will be 60s-70s for lunch and the way home though

I just got a Bell Qualifier DLX helmet. Loud and buffety as fuck.... to be expected for a ~$100 helmet. But it has a transitions visor which I absolutely love. Riding in the dark is really nice now. If we have a warm winter (which doesn't seem likely) I might be able to ride year round.
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