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Gladius is the Caitlyn Jenner of SVs.
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Originally Posted by Cool The Kid View Post

I like it. It's way more butch than the Gladius. Exhaust is an easy fix. My main gripe is if I am spending $6K or w/e on a new bike I want more power. It literally would have cost them nothing to punch this out to 800cc for a grunty 100 HP. Then add an R model with USD forks, a better rear shock and better brakes. Would give bikes like the FZ-09 and Striple a run for the money while looking better and costing way less, respectively.


Yeah I definitely like the look more than the gladius, and I like some aspects more than the original. I think they should have added instead of replaced. The SV is meant to compete with the FZ07 not the 09. I don't think suzuki wants the competition to their inline 4s to be honest. They also need to release a better naked inline 750. Hopefully that'll be soon.

Also, every review I've seen of the fz09 indicated that it needed a lot of work to be rideable with any sort of confidence. I think a revzilla review said that the bike was trying to kill him, but it was fun once they found an even ground. New ECU maps seem to have helped.

I think suzuki is in a weird financial position and is a bit scared to do too many things at once. A revamped SV lineup would be amazing, i.e. 650, 800, and R versions. But I don't think they want to take the money away from their I4's or invest in the R&D. The SV1k could have easily been 20-30 more HP than it was since it was a detuned TL1k. They're just not concentrating on the twins, when they really should be since they don't have any triples (afaik).


Originally Posted by gnatty8 View Post

So I have officially stored my bikes for the winter. Winter in the south can be unpredictable, but I am hoping I will have at least a few weekends in December and January where I can sneak them out for a quick ride..


What? I rode yesterday in MA!

Originally Posted by otc View Post

Are people really that concerned with power on the SV650?

Most owners seem quite happy with them. I only know a few, but ridethecliche is the only one I have seen that seems to have such an immediate "this thing is weak, It needs more power" opinion.


Not concerned with power as much as I want to see suzuki try something new. If they're just rereleasing a 15 year old bike, then that's kind of ridiculous. I'm probably not the target audience since I'm not selling my bike to buy one, but it'd be nice to see them actually work on the engine. I've read reports that the torque is up a bit and it's 75hp vs 70hp. Those aren't huge gains but it means that they actually put some effort into something more than cosmetics which is great. 

From what I've read, ~85hp was the limit for the SV engine after bore kits. Above that, there would be failures and you'd have to swap out the crank etc. Even 85 required different clutch plates, afaik.


And to be honest, I'd probably be happier with the bike if my buddy didn't have an R6, but that's a moot point. Realistically, I probably felt limited by the bike's acceleration when I went to VT because I was trying to overtake a car in 6th gear instead of 5th. It took more rev up. 5th has way better torque. The SV gets up to 100 pretty damn quick, I'd love something faster but I still think it's a bad idea which is why I haven't done it even though I could sell my bike and buy a striple right now. 



Originally Posted by brokencycle View Post


He hasn't taken a rider's safety course yet: his opinion is invalid.




Originally Posted by Cool The Kid View Post

Most owners have used ones. New ones are not good values if the Gladius pricing holds up. I mean Suzuki's own GSX-S750, which is not a good bike but is better specced, only costs $300 more than the Gladius. FZ-09 is ugly but it crushes the SV for the same money.


FZ09 also tries to kill people supposedly, but yeah yamaha has done really well. Their video for the new one is amazing. 



Originally Posted by otc View Post

That's true. None of the SV owners I know of have been like "ooh, the gladius is a nice bike, I can't wait for my SV to die so I can upgrade to one"


Hahah fact.

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Thing that kind of sucks about the SV engine is you can bore the hell out of them. They can go up to 700cc just with pistons. But the crank is glass. If they make a new engine it would be stupid to limit it to the same displacement. People have swapped the SV1K motors into 650 frames so there is definitely room to play. GSX-S750 doesn't even make 100 WHP; a revvy 800-900 could do that with ease to replace it, while a little 500 twin with less weight could replace the 650 and compete with the Duke 390, CB500 and bikes in that class. As is Suzuki's midrange lineup is a mess.
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Ho Chi Minh Trail between Phong Nha and Khe Sanh. Great ride. I went 45 minutes in one stretch without seeing another vehicle.

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How the heck did you find a bike that wasn't a Honda win?
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Originally Posted by ridethecliche View Post

How the heck did you find a bike that wasn't a Honda win?

I made that mistake in 2014. Life is too short for shit bikes. I would buy a Dream or a Wave before I would ride a Win again. My Win crunched second gear on the road pictured above.

I rented the XR 250 with the provision that I could apply my rental amount to the purchase price if I wanted to buy it at the end of the trip. It was a solid bike so I exercised my option. So next trip I have the ability to cross borders with it. I plan to ride out to Dien Bien Phu and cross into Laos, then go south into Cambodia before returning to Vietnam.

Piece of shit Win clone from 2014 trip.

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Yeah, doing that entire trip on a dualsport is an amazing idea. I'm hoping to make that trip someday...

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Just saw some places say that the new SV650 will have 76 hp. If so, that means they actually paid some attention to the engine, which is nice.

My guess is that it's a bit of the engine, the exhaust, and the airbox changes that they made.

I bought an SV1k airbox for my bike to 'desnorkle' it. I'll put it on sometime this winter.

Just got the GSXR tires mounted so I think I should be able to do the rear swap before doing the front since I need to make room in the garage for winter and it'll be easier to work on the front end then.

Side note: Svrider is awesome. I bought a 520 chain and both cogs from someone and he sent over his nice chain tool so I didn't have to buy one! I have to ship it back to him soon.

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but have you taken a riders course yet?
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Do your time brah.

I can "figure 8" like a motherf*ker
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Do they test wheelies too?

I don't know how to do one.
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Man... took my HP4 out for a spin after a long time today. People would kill me if they saw how dusty that thing is right now - I need to start riding mroe.
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Put a deposit down for this. Should have it in Spring.

Haters gon hate.
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Is that the 250 cc adventure bike in dual sport trim?


Edit: Oh snap! sub 2k?!


Looks like they're going to do a sportbike at some point too. This could be great for people new to riding or trying to get in especially since it's probably going to end up being sub 3k. Looks sweet and it has USD forks!


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