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Originally Posted by Rumpelstiltskin View Post

Daytona is the same bike with better suspension and wind protection.

Dunno if my back can handle that riding position though.
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Striple R is just a Daytona with dirtbike bars and milder cams, no?

Dunno if you guys watch MotoGP but today's race was EPIC. I might watch it again tonight
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Yah but the cams etc make a difference of about 25hp!
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25 hp that can barely be deployed on the street....

Man temperatures have taken a big dip. Gotta get those damn heated grips on.
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Originally Posted by Cool The Kid View Post

25 hp that can barely be deployed on the street.....

Pretty much.
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Haven't had a chance to look at torque curves for both, but doesn't that depend on when they make power?

Having more acceleration ​potential at lower speeds is never a bad thing. It's like having a faster car. You can still enjoy it at non track speeds. On a bike that's probably more handy if you encounter a clueless driver.


Doesn't have to only be in 6th gear, no?

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Daytona's extra power is all on the top end. They are pretty much matched below ~8.5K

I would def love more top end on my bike but if I could choose I'd rather have more low and midrange.
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Yeah, unless you're tracking, I never ever get the appeal of supersports on the street.

Even in the twisties or canyons, you're in what? 3rd gear?

The only thing I can see is the ergonomics that let you drop a knee but you can get those in other bikes.
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55 saves lives...and gas
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Having a STR, I rode about 400 miles on the highway recently and it was totally fine. At 80ish wind isn't an issue for me. Above 90 and instantly you feel it and it's super uncomfortable, but I wouldn't maintain that speed on a highway regardless of my bike. A quick pull over 100? Fun. Maybe. Sustained? I'm good. Twisties is where this bike shines though, puts a smile on my face every time. Easily my favorite bike and I've ridden a few good ones.

Spending all of November in FL at a friends. Going to trailer my bike down. He has the new r1 and we're planning a few camp trips in the South. Really excited.
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I think hayabusas are ugly as sin.

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Originally Posted by ridethecliche View Post

I think hayabusas are ugly as sin.

We call 'em Busa Boys here. Helmet half on their head, or not at all, flatbrim Yankees hat, flip flops, shorts, douchebag haircut, small trashy woman on the back. They're a fucking scourge in my area.
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Streetfightered busas look sick though. Especially the older gens.
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Some people tour on a Busa..

you can corner well enough on a Bagger as well.
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People tour on busas? What?
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