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Throttle lock like above or a http://crampbuster.com/

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Haha, I've seen those, but... does anyone actually use them? That's what I don't get, how do you guys not cramp up your hands? Is it because I have carny hands? I've yet to go on a ride longer than about 45 min because it just gets too annoyingly painful.


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I don't get cramp but my throttle hand used to go numb.

Once I changed my grips, the vibration was less prominent and my hand was fine.
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Originally Posted by MarioImpemba View Post

My throttle hand cramps up after 30 minutes. What's the secret to long rides?

Sounds like your gloves are too tight
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Sounds like you're gripping too tight. Last winter I got a lot of cramps because I was clenching my heated grips for dear life. Relax the hands

My hands still get a bit sore around the thumbs after riding for several hours, but that seems understandable to me. Moving my thumbs on top of the grips for a while solves that issue.

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