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Tailoring Query

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If I had a sportcoat that was .5-1" too big in the shoulders, could a tailor correct this? Is it considered a hassle?
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If the shoulders of a jacket don't fit, put it down and walk away. Having said that, a competent tailor can do a decent job for a lot of money. But it's really the one alteration you don't want to mess with, that and the chest.
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That's what I've been told. Thanks for confirming, Tomasso.
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Narrowing the shoulders can get rather expensive. When you remove a sleeve and change the arm hole by going into the chest and back panels to get rid of that quarter to one-half inch on each side, it involves a bit of work. If it's a coat you don't mind investing-in, it might be worth it to you.

Generally, you are looking at around a $250.00 total to do both shoulders when you must remove the sleeves. If you have a high dollar jacket or it has some sentimental value, why not do it? If it's from the Men's Warehouse, offer it up to Vaclav's barbeque!
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