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Lace up shirts

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I was considering buying a lace up v neck sweater from armani exchange and was wondering if a men's shirt that laced up would get too many funny looks.
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Alright, these medeival style shirts that lace up are very trendy, and unless it's someone that knows nothing about fashion, i doubt you'll get any weird looks. It's good your buying from AX, though, since if u do get lots of looks and not want to wear it anymore, it's not like you blew a thousand dollars for a shirt you don't wear.
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"these medeival style shirts that lace up are very trendy, and unless it's someone that knows nothing about fashion, i doubt you'll get any weird looks." Heh, most guys ARE clueless about fashion, so you probably would get weird looks (I can't say I've see the shirts you're talkign about so don't listen to me, I might be totally wrong). Well at least most of the guys around here are. I haven't seen the shirts you're talking about. Are they from the fall 2002 lines? Haven't really checked that stuff out yet..
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well, i suppose it all depends on where you live. it would be appropriate if you live in, say, the middle ages, or perhaps one of the spanish colonies in the new world. ha. just kidding. if you are in NYC or San Fran, etc. it might work. however, you might want to consider how much you wanna pay for this, given it may be completely OUT next year (as many high-fashion items are). good Lord....i can't imagine even owning a lace up shirt or sweater. if it were me, i would buy a good black leather blazer, or something similar that will always be stylish at the club.
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I have to concur that it all depends on where you live. Cali and NY might be fine. If you live in the Midwest, be ready for some really funny looks, even in the more metropolitan places like Chicago. If you live in the South, you'd better be a big guy or have a lot of friends with you or some good old boys may want to administer some downhome 'sexual correcting' assuming that wearing that shirt you are of the alternative lifestyle persuasion. Also agree that you run the risk of the look being completely out ten minutes after you buy it.
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haha well thanks for the responses. The shirt is only 78 dollars so I figure if I cant wear it past this season it wont be that huge of a waste. The city I live in Pittsburgh and its sort of prgressive so I dont think I need to worry about any "sexual correcting." One more question though would it be smart to get the shirt a size smaller than usual considering I only have an average toned frame(5'11/158).
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I think it depends on how the company makes the sizes. For example: Gucci's sizes run much smaller. I think A|X Clothing's sizes would run the same as your typical Gap, American Eagle or AF. Since they are all somewhat targeted to the same kind of people (early 20's, late teens) . I may be wrong, though. But if i am right, (haha) find out what size fits you best in those brands (Gap, etc.) then buy that size from A|X. I am only saying this assuming you have a Gap, AE or AF store near you.
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I actually haven't seen too many of these shirts being worn. I think that they were the thin edge of the wedge in terms of the so-called "ethnic" trend popular with Italian designers for S/S 2002 (Cavalli and Iceberg really went off the deep end with this one). I did see one guy wearing one at Maxfield earlier this year. Of course, he was also wearing billowing Lawrence of Arabia style pants, leather sandals, and carrying a matching suede bag, so maybe he wouldn't be your best example of good taste or restraint. I would go with a variation of the more rugged looking henley. Miu Miu had some good ones, as did Prada, and you should be able to find the former on sale for about as much as the A|X shirt by now. BTW, buy the shirt in your regular size, and not a size smaller. If you are skinny or fat, you'll look sort of stupid. If you are a musclehead, you've got to realize that no one wants to admire your muscles the way that you might. And finally: leather blazers are not the way to go. They reek of guys trying hard to be hip and not quite getting there, of guys queuing at cheap clubs and celebrity sighters.
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heh LA Guy. I remember complaining about people with black leather coats a few months back. Most people buy these cheap black leather blazers or coats and totally don't understand how bad they look in them. To them it's black leather so it MUST be cool ;p I maintain that you've gotta be really careful buying leather goods cause a lot of it is in really poor taste. And ya, far too many people sport black leather jackets and think they're the shit just for that reason.
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Le Chateau sells them. Around US$30.
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If Le Chateau is selling them, you know they're going to go out of style in 15 minutes
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Those shirts from lechateau seemed to be made out of gauze. I draw the line at gauze shirts.
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lol davei that's so true ;p
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