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Sutor Mantellasi boots

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Thoughts? I can't decide if I find them ugly or beautiful. They're the runway model of footwear!

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I can't tell what it would look like in reality - it looks like a wide-angle lens was used to take all the pics on the site, making the shoes look out of proportion. Either way, it's still hard to say about these. Maybe with some antiquing...
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They're not ugly, but the detailing is a bit odd for me, a bit too Italian. The shoes do look better in person though when they do not look as eerily short.
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I don't like them - too sleek and the brogueing looks out of place.
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The toe shape is quite OK. The weird brogueing and zipper make me want to run away.
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I'd like them alot better if they were dark brown. Otherwise, the style is OK - - fairly conservative.
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I like them a lot, but like j/kabert, I would antique them and/or darken them. The size 12s that I would wear would definitely not look short.
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