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I haven't worn a black shoe in 6 months. - Page 3

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Black shoes have that admirable trait of not being too noticeable when worn with a grey or dark blue suit, at least it is considered best over here that no one item of apparel stands out.

Brown shoes are rather "look at me" and while I am a fan of brown shoes and indeed most of my shoes are brown, a good rotation of well polished black shoes is a foundation of a shoe wardrobe.
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I have worn mine yesterday....Black shoes are not meant to be seen , on display...
They are synonym with understated elegance...

Even if I d prefer brown patinas , I do recognize that sometimes black shoes are required...
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i wear black shoes quite often usually for work...don't wear them at weekends though...
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Just under a third of my dress shoes are black. Prior to my reading internet clothing fora, 60% of my dress shoes were black.

Put another way, since I started reading these fora, my shoe purchases have been over 80% non-black.
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Despite my love for brown shoes, I still wear black shoes pretty regularly. In my opinion, there are occasions were they're just the perfect combination, when one wants to scream "conservative business dress" -and sometimes I need this.

I compensate for the lack of SF-approval for black shoes by only sporting EGs on the 82 last; the Russell and the Cadogan, that is.
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I'll wear an old pair of Florsheim Imperial boots once in a while, maybe once or twice a month. Even then I have to think about wearing them and don't instinctively go for them.
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I rarely wear black shoes; the rest of my wardrobe, and my lifestyle, don't call for them often.

Compounding this is the fact that, because of their limited application range in my life, I haven't gone out and bought a particularly nice pair of black shoes. My best pair are simple Magnanni captoes, which aren't on par quality-wise with many of my other shoe choices. So even on days when I might wear black shoes, I reach for a better-made pair, which happen to be brown.
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My black Alden longwings are in regular rotation, as are my black RM Williams chelseas (I also have some sleek black A. Testoni jodhpurs), and when I get my C&J Lowndes they too will be black. Most of my shoes are indeed brown, but it seems like the groupthink here has gone a bit too far. There is really nothing wrong with a black shoe from time to time. What do you guys wear with your black leather jackets?
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I'm buying them all up. When you robots are instructed to wear black shoes again you will have to come to me. In the end you will thank me but it is going to hurt.
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I have 3 pair of black shoes, but plan to add no more to my stockpile:

1) AE McAllister Wingtips: Suitable for the charcoal/grey suits
2) J&M Crown Aristocraft Westchester Loafers: Suitable for the grey flannels, blue blazer winter look
3) Florsheim Imperial Kenmoor Plain Toe Bluchers: Suitable for jeans mostly.

I wear black about once every two weeks or so and feel that I'd be a bit too predictable if I were all varieties of brown all the time.
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I wear black shoes regularly.
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I wear black on about a one in five ratio to browns.

Would oxblood be more flexible in color matching (clothes) than black? Grays, blues, browns.
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Originally Posted by sfo423 View Post
Would oxblood be more flexible in color matching (clothes) than black? Grays, blues, browns.
I think so.
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Black tassel loafers are all you need.
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Black shoes are essential to any wardrobe.
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