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H&B (Holliday & Brown)
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NOS= New Old Stock
MRE= Meals Ready to Eat
BCD=Birth Control Device (Bootcamp issued glasses not to be confused with IUD Intrauterine Device)
OHSC=Original Hard Shell Case
SWMBO=She Who Must Be Obeyed
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Does this include stuff thrown arounnd outside MC? Dunno if these get used enough to warrant inclusion:

ALD (Atelier La Durance... maybe not used enough to warrant)
AA (American Apparel)
BiG or BIG (Blue in Greene)
BoO or BOO (Band of Outsiders)
CYC (uh, CYC, parent company of W+H)
DDML (self explanatory)
LVC (Levis Vintage Clothing)
MjK (Michael J Krell)
SE (Self Edge)
Sufu (more often used than supertalk)
STF (shrink to fit)
TaT (Thick as Thieves)
TFS (the fashion spot)
W+H (Wings and Horns... I guess?)
WAYWT (WHat Are You Wearing Today)

I guess 5EP and 45RPM don't really count.
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H&B (Holliday & Brown)

AC (Ambulance Chaser)
MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

MMORPG (something something GQG33k)
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How about RLBL for Blue label and RLBK for Black Label? (If already suggested, nevermind; didn't see)
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H&B (Holliday & Brown)

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NBANTVMH something something.
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Originally Posted by RJ
something something

...go crazy?
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...go crazy?

Don't mind if I do!
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It should probably be RLKL for blacK label (like CMYK), but since RLP (Polo) is Blue Label, I wish people would stop saying RLBlueLabel.
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Sorry, Abbreviations not acronyms. Thanks for this link.

Originally Posted by j View Post
While the site was down, I spent a little of the time putting this together. I figured it would help people get up to speed more quickly. Please feel free to add your own and/or make corrections/suggestions. Clothing specific terms as well as general Internet lingo abbrevs are welcome, though we might want to divide them up at some point if we get lots of general terms. We can also add this into the Wiki with links on each term at some point.

1B\t\tOne-button [jacket/suit]
2B\t\tTwo-button [jacket/suit]
2.5B or 2-1/2B\t"Two-and-a-half" button [jacket/suit]
3B\t\tThree-button [jacket/suit]
4x1\t\tFour-button with one working [double-breasted jacket/suit]
4x2\t\tFour-button with two working [double-breasted jacket/suit]
6x1\t\tSix-button with one working [double-breasted jacket/suit]
6x2\t\tSix-button with two working [double-breasted jacket/suit]
AA/AAAC\t\tAsk Andy About Clothes [another clothing forum]
AE\t\tAllen-Edmonds [shoes]
A&F\t\tAbercrombie & Fitch
AFAIK\t\tAs far as I know/knew
AFAICS\t\tAs far as I can/could see
AFAICT\t\tAs far as I can/could tell
AKA\t\tAlso known as
APC\t\tA.P.C. (Atelier de Production et Creation) Brand jeans
A&S\t\tAnderson & Sheppard [Savile Row tailors]
AS\t\tAlfred Sargent [shoes]
Bal\t\tBalmoral shoe
BB\t\tBrooks Brothers
BD\t\tButton-down [button down shirt collar]
BDU\t\tBattle Dress Uniform [military clothing]
BR\t\tBanana Republic[clothing company]
CB\t\tChester Barrie [clothing company]
CdG\t\tComme des Garcons [clothing company]
CF\t\tCarlo Franco [tie / clothing company]
C&J or CJ\tCrockett & Jones [shoes]
CK\t\tCalvin Klein
CT\t\tCharles Tyrwhitt [clothing company]
DB\t\tDouble-breasted [jacket/suit]
D&G\t\tDolce & Gabbana [clothing company]
DH\t\tDior Homme [clothing company]
DJ\t\tDinner jacket [i.e., tuxedo]
e.g.\t\tExempli Gratia [Lat. "for the sake of example"]
EG (MC)\t\tEdward Green [shoes]
EG (Streetwear) Engineered Garments [clothing company]
E&R\t\tEde & Ravenscroft [clothing company]
FC\t\tFrench cuff
FIH\t\tFour-in-hand [tie knot]
FIHTies\t\tFour-In-Hand Ties [clothing company]
FW\t\tFull Windsor [tie knot]
HB\t\tHugo Boss [clothing company]
HF or H-F\tHickey-Freeman [clothing company]
HF\t\tH. Freeman & Co. [clothing company, not the same as Hickey-Freeman]
H&H\t\tHarvie & Hudson [Savile Row tailors]
H&H\t\tHolland & Holland [firearms maker and outfitters]
H&K\t\tHilditch & Key [shirt / clothing company]
HL\t\tHelmut Lang [clothing company]
H&S\t\tHolland & Sherry [suiting fabric company]
HSM\t\tHart Schaffner & Marx [clothing company]
i.e.\t\tId Est [Lat. "it is" roughly equiv. to "in other words"]
IIRC\t\tIf I remember correctly
IMMSMC \t\tIf my memory serves me correctly
IMO\t\tIn my opinion
IMHO\t\tIn my humble opinion
IMNSHO\t\tIn my not so humble opinion
JAB\t\tJos A. Bank [clothing company]
JFTR \t\tJust for the record
JL\t\tJohn Lobb [shoe company]
J&M\t\tJohnston & Murphy [shoe company]
KC\t\tKenneth Cole
KFS\t\tKilgour French Stansbury [clothing co.]
LE\t\tLands' End
LL\t\tLondon Lounge [another clothing forum]
LLB\t\tL.L. Bean [clothing company]
LM[F]AO\t\tLaughing my [F__] ass off
LOL\t\tLaughing out loud
LP\t\tLoro Piana [fabric and clothing company]
M&S\t\tMarks & Spencer [dept. store]
NB\t\tNew Balance [athletic shoes]
NB or N.B.\tNota Bene [Lat. "note well"]
NM\t\tNieman Marcus [dept. store]
NTTAWWT\tNot that there's anything wrong with that
OB\t\tOzwald Boateng
OCBD\t\tOxford cloth button-down [shirt]
OMG\t\tOh my God
OP\t\tOriginal Poster [poster of the first post in a forum thread]
OTC\t\tOver the calf [socks]
OTR\t\tOff the rack
OTT\t\tOver-the-top [too much, garish]
PDC\t\tPaper Denim & Cloth [jeans company]
Perf\t\tPerforated (usu. shoe detailing)
PoW\t\tPrince of Wales [often referring to the check pattern named after him]
PRL\t\tPolo Ralph Lauren
PS\t\tPaul Smith
PS\t\tPaul Stuart
PS\t\tPocket Square
R&B\t\tRag & Bone [denim / clothing company]
RJ\t\tRichard James [Savile Row tailor / clothing company]
RL\t\tRalph Lauren
RLBL\t\tRalph Lauren Black Label
RLPL\t\tRalph Lauren Purple Label
ROFL[MAO]\tRolling on floor laughing [my ass off]
RTW\t\tReady to wear
SB\t\tSingle-breasted [jacket/suit]
SF\t\tSan Francisco
SF\t\tStyle Forum
ST\t\tSupertalk [another clothing forum]
STF \t\tShop The Finest [online clothing merchant]
STP\t\tSierra Trading Post [online clothing discount store]
T&A\t\tTurnbull & Asser [shirt / clothing company]
TTTT \t\tTo Tell The Truth 
URL\t\tUniform Resource Locator [web site address]
VCH \t\tVirtual Clothes Horse [online clothing merchant]
WCC \t\tWorld Class Consignment [online clothing merchant]
WRT or W/R/T\tWith respect to; with regards to
W&S\t\tWhitcomb & Shaftesbury  [Savile Row tailors]
WTF\t\tWhat the f___
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Originally Posted by RJman View Post
Don't mind if I do!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. +1000000000000000
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Two classics: GRPOS OJFC I've found myself using those on another forum, and in emails.
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Black Fleece should be BBBF
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