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5EP straight raw

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What's your take on 5ep straight raw denim? What about the rise\\sizing. I'm thinking of getting a heavily discounted pair but I'm not too sure, and I hardly get to wear jeans so it would be my last pair for a while.
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I have the one-wash and I love them, I wear them a lot. The rise is relatively high and they are loose through the seat and thighs, similar to a vintage 501 cut. The legs are slimmer than a 501, though. I bought my "usual" size. They were a little snug in the waist at first but have stretched out just enough.

The denim feels very compact as Brian mentioned in regards to his bootcuts (not sure if that post was lost in the crash.) The color is beautiful.

Are you looking at the ones on sale at American Rag by any chance? If they had my size I would buy another pair.
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American Rag still having sales going on?

5EP are awesome though, definitely pick it up. I have the Dark Boot Worn and its probably the best feeling denim I've evre touched. The only negative about the straight leg is the zipper fly.

They are a 32" inseam, but its perfect for me (unlike the R&B 32") and I'm 6". I think they may run an inch or so large in the waist, I can measure mine when I get home but they have probably stretched quite a bit.
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5EP's denim and dying techniques are incredible. Highly recommended, especially at sales price. The only caveat is the rise, which is pretty high. The straight down is a pretty classic 501 fit, as tangerine noted.
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totally agree, some of the best quality denim/finishes out there.
i have the straight worn, and just as Brian mentioned, the one downside is that the rise is a bit high.

though, this is not really high, its more " traditional" i guess you could say. wére all used to having low-rise jeans.
The one thing I do have a bit of a thing with, is that I can never seem to get my hands into the coin pocket, and the regular front pockets are quite big.

but all in all, excellent denim.'
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is that I can never seem to get my hands into the coin pocket, and the regular front pockets are quite big.
The coin pocket issue is slightly unobjectionable as really it's just a classic Wrangler-style coin pocket. The big pockets, however, do seem a little odd. I guess they really want you to think of denim as work wear.
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Yeah, the coin pocket kinda sucks. I feel in love with the fact that my razr fits perfectly in my rag & bone's coin pocket.
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Funnily enough, my Sony Ericsson T610 fits just dandily in Wrangler-style coin pockets, especially the GTO's. If only I could find a raw/rinsed version of that godly jean ...
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