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Any control shirts from a few seasons back?
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Originally Posted by pickpackpockpuck View Post
Lots of trousers, not a lot of jeans. Quality was so-so. Looked like a lot of stuff they couldn't unload in past seasons. Pants were $125 and denim was $95, which seems a little nuts to me. Plenty of vests, but I didn't check out the size selection. Pretty sure cash and credit are both accepted.

Any hunting vest? Looking for the one from 2008.....
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I'm not sure about the hunting vest from '08. Definitely didn't see the control shirt. Button-downs were pretty limited, and good luck finding anything in a S or M. Lots of chunky sweaters for like $350 or something. Lots of blazers and jackets. They had a bunch of the cafe racer jackets ( for, I think, $595. Overall it was pretty lame though. Prices were only marginally better than just getting stuff on sale at Barneys or Bergdorf or something.
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What is the point of calling it a sample sale? I personally think they can't sustain this price point for much longer.
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^ agreed, I like some if their things but only purchase r&b twice a year at most on deep sale at holt's.
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I just picked up this new brown dakota jacket on yoox for a little over 180.

I I thought I might give this one a try because I love my dakota ii in navy.

This one looks thicker. Does anyone have experience with both jackets?
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Anyone own one of the Rag & Bone Halo Shirt jackets from 2010?


Found out they were rereleased in 2011 exclusively to SAKS with several changes so i'm hoping someone on here might have bought one of the originals. I'm dying to get it. Thanks!
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Seconding the request for a Halo shirt, in S (or M if it fits like S). It's just lovely. 

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How's the fit on the Yokohama shirt?


Looking at picking this up in a large, which I can normally wear pretty fine, but the blazer I got from them (also a large) fits pretty damn snugly, I wouldn't really try to wear it buttoned.


Is that just their jackets, or are their shirts cut that super slim as well?

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i tried this on at barneys today and it fit me nicely.  the denim is heavyweight and feels legitimate to me.  says made in new york.

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Looking for a Moonshine Trail shirt in Small 

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