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Originally Posted by ddohnggo
does anyone know the fit of the RB1's? Is it comparable to the RB2's? I'm looking for more of a heavier straight leg jean sans bootcut. The RB2's are fairly light and have a bootcut, which i'm not quite fond of.

The RB 1 fit s described in my new top ten list. Essentially, it is a relaxed, true, straightleg. The RB1 offered on Activeendeavors for $200 appears to be in the 13.75 ounce denim. There are also lighter weight versions available. If you use Active, remember to use the styleforum coupon for a $30 savings...
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thanks for the clarification. i stumbled upon this japanese site and i think they have some of the new rag & bone. it looks really really really good!
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The RB2s are straight-legged and slimmer than the RB1s.
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Is anyone sure that R&B only have one rinse models and no raw denim? I was thinking about buying a pair of RB6s I believe, but I didn't like the thinness and soft texture of the denim.
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The RB6b is definitely thin and soft, I was under the impression that the RB6s was considerably thicker though.

But yeah, AFAIK... only one wash denim. What difference does it really make though? Wear raws for a few weeks and they will have the same soft texture.
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The R&B site only shows the RB1 and RB6. Exactly how many models are out there?

From Activeendeavors and bbstokyo, I see the RB1, RB2, RB5, RB6, RB8, RB11, RB12 (which looks skinnier than the 14), RB14, and the RB1890. So confusing...
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Yeah, too many cuts and so little information. If you dig around the r&b site a bit, you can find the RB14 and RB11 in the collection section. I had no idea so many existed though. I don't think I've seen anything more than the RB6 and RB12 at any of the retailers (maybe RB11, I forget).
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Oh boy, I really love the fit of the RB6, especially in the thigh. Can anyone recommend another similar jean for future reference? (I'll be wearing these for a while)
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Kicking Mule Workshop makes jeans that are reminiscent to Rag & Bone in terms of style and construction. The guys at Denimbar (at least one of them) seem to think Kicking Mule fits better as well. I would buy a pair, but like Rag & Bone they are made too short for me.
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Activeendeavors just put up some Rag&Bone t-shirts. There are some graphic ones and some plain ones. I ordered the "pink lotus" one.
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Originally Posted by Dill
Activeendeavors just put up some Rag&Bone t-shirts. There are some graphic ones and some plain ones. I ordered the "pink lotus" one.

The pink lotus one is great. I like it a lot.
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I just bought a pair of RB1s, hopefully I'll like them.
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Perhaps this is covered in some other thread I happen to have missed on the topic of jeans and such, but since there was mention of specific anti-shrinkage measures in place on the R&B jeans, I was wondering if I pick up a pair of one-wash jeans if I'm going to be able to hem them to my desired length afterwards.

While I'm interested in raw jeans the thought of not being able to hem them (save to a still-long length to accomodate shrinkage) annoys me since I would want to wear them to work often and I hate rolling up pants...

Thanks for the info BrianSD, good stuff.

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I got my R&B shirt in the mail today. I like the print and the color, but the shirt doesn't fit very well. I got a medium, and it is nearly 30 inches long. This is quite a big difference from the 25 inches or so of all my other shirts. Should I wash and dry it to see if it shrinks or should I just send it back?
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Dill if I were you I would send it back. Returns suck but it tells the designer something's wrong with the product.

lupin, you can hem R&Bs immediately after buying with no risk of them shrinking too short. Though they have short inseams available (although only at 28 and 30-inch waist sizes)
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