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Sandy dalal

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In case you aren't familiar with his works, here are a few links that might give you a better picture of who he is as well as his approach to fashion: etc., etc. Right now, his clothing are available in extremely limited quanities... if anyone know where I can check out his clothing, especially in Washington, DC or New York, by all means let me know. What I like about his approach is that he tends to take what other might consider as a "serious" look and then change it into a more relaxed look- suits with an untucked look, etc.- yet, it does have a degree of a professional look to it. It's not compatible with executive position jobs but it is something to wear if you really want to look good for a night out with the ladies.
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They sell Sandy Dalal at Bergdorfs and Barneys here in New York--and I think Saks. I also think he's the head designer for menswear at Byblos now (not entirely sure about that.) They used to sell his clothes at Camouflage, but they stopped. I've never been a huge fan, but I've liked some of his stuff...
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I've been wearing his clothes for about a year now. I've got this pair of SD jeans that are truely one of a kind, i know of no other brand that has made such jeans. They have sort of a black waxy finish, think if someone took a new pair of dark denim jeans and coated them with tar. However, many department stores here in NYC have either stopped carrrying his clothes or cut them out completly. Saks stopped, Bloomingdales and Barney's limited their selection. I'm really like his stuff, i can't believe no place is really selling it though. Anyone heard about a boutique opening or an expansion of his collection? I originally wrote this in the "whats hot for the summer" topic, but just cut and pasted it cause it seemed more pertainant to this thread. I do think that his designs are unique and never boring. I buy his stuff whenever i can find it, which is tough even though im in NYC. However some of his designs are just a little much, like his shirts tend to have excentric patterns or designs. His jeans and t-shirts are always great.
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thc: You live in NYC, eh? Could you find me Barney's tele number? Thanks.
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Regarding the SD topic that I posted this evening... I thought I'd also add a few things of interest. This is all from the magazine, FHM Collections US Edition #3... pg. 40 has an interview with Sandy Dalal... He is a designer for celebrities such as Ethan Hawke, Wyclef Jean, and Dicky Barrett (lead singer of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones). I don't know about the rest of you but according to the interview, for the Fall 2002 look, he is planning to design a line that will contain "stripes, paisleys, and flowers." Mike C. - I'm quite surprised that a lot of his clothing have been pulled off the shelves in the store that you mentioned. Perhaps that's a sign of the ultra-competitive fashion field or... who knows?
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Out here on the left coast, Neiman's carries Sandy Dalal, as does Bloomingdales. I liked last winter's skinny lurex and wool jackets, but I found it difficult to buy a piece I would've worn once. His solid colored t-shirts with silhouettes were much more accessible, and fit into my funky t-shirt and sneaker obsession. Overall, I feel that Sandy Dalal is a good niche designer, good for distinctive accent pieces, but not really someone whose clothes I'd ever want to wear head-to-toe.
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Michael: Barneys' phone number is 212 826 8900.
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I bought a pair of pants from Sandy Dalal a couple of years ago when he kinda started to become well known... they looked really cool and felt comfortable.... flat front and a bit loose/wide, just like John Varvatos line.. Overall, I think his line is really cool.. definitely geared towards young people... Although I have to admit some of his stuff are WAY too funky for me...
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