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Old Teddy Boys.

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People who've never given up the style:
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makes me want a cigarette, some KFC, and a punch in the face.
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awesome. Teddy Boys have a lot of style and listen to good music and are one of the few scenes where the guys really do keep the flame burning for a long time. I've seen some really nice drape coats over the years, a great look with drainpipes and beetle crushers. this is a good ted site, done by a really old school Ted http://www.teddyboycollared.com/ if it's of interest check out this book. It was out of print for years and about 5 years ago came back into publication. The BBC special "British Style Genius" has a volume on teds ...Teds starts around the 3:00 mark as does Vol 1 of Sounds of Underground London, if you can find a copy
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This is from the A Continuous Lean blog. Here is the text that introduces the photos LK posted:
Edwardians, or “Teddy Boys” as they became known, are an English youth subculture that created a distinctive style by wearing clothes inspired by the Edwardian period that the tailors of Savile Row attempted to reintroduce after world war two. The term “Teddy Boy” came about as a result of a newspaper headline that shortened Edward to Teddy and subsequently to Teddy Boy. Below are a series of Teddy Boy photos from photographer Ben Watts that I find particularly interesting. The Teddy Boy subculture is a very unique phenomenon, similar in idea to the “rock and roll” revolution in America in the 1950s.
The photos themselves can be found here: Ben Watts/Teddy Boys
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Miss my old pair of Creepers.

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Those pictures are really great and show something we don't often see around here--a truly organic sense of style. Look how none of those guys betray even the slightest hint of anxiety about what they're wearing. Let it rock.
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The style is pretty cool..but what is their fascination with the hand tats?

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lulz at that guy's Stars and Bars hand tat. He would be soundly verbally thrashed on WAYWRN..
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good look, minus the tatoos.
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I just had a flashback to 1991 in a London Dance Hall...
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Originally Posted by Drydis Greis View Post
I just had a flashback to 1991 in a London Dance Hall...

These boys pre-date 1991 by a bit...
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very badass
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Originally Posted by unjung View Post
These boys pre-date 1991 by a bit...

Sorry, I should have clarified...the door to the club as the portal to a far gone time and place -- DA's, poodle skirts, and we, my buddies and I, the time travelers...
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Love it!
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Pics 1 and 3 remind me of two of my uncles.
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