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Originally Posted by VRaivio View Post

So...if Sookie and Bill have sex and undead vampire's don't have blood in their bodies, how does Bill get a hardon?

Have you not been watching the show at all?
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True Blood will be awesome again once we get to see a 10-13 yr old psycho vampire that eats frozen blood in icicle form.

Picture it.

Oh and she has pigtails and wears a schoolgirl uniform. Blonde, and is creepy.
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Show has been shit this season. Its like Twilight-lite + crazy spirit shit that nobody cares about. That whole Mexican scene was a waste of 20 minutes.
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Those were-panthers need to come back pronto mama panther was one hot, psychoass bitch

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I find myself not really caring at all about this show now. It's the last thing I watch on my DVR after Entourage even. frown.gif
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i really hope these last few episodes is the buildup of a jessica hamby sex scene.......that is if she didn't perish
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For most of this season, I've been wearing a WTF? expression on my face. I'm sick of Twilight Eric, sick of Tara always whining about shit, Pam should have killed her. I kept thinking last night, "Why doesn't Bill just send his human mercenaries to kill the possessed Marnie from a few hundred yards away with a sniper rifle?" I just wonder what crazy shit they'll have next season. On the bright side, there hasn't been anymore fairies this season.
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If not for Sookies tittays, that might have been the single worst hour of TV ever.
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Originally Posted by Rambo View Post

If not for Sookies tittays, that might have been the single worst hour of TV ever.

yeah that episode felt awfully long
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just started watching this... i'm on season 2...

when the creepy brownhaired lady screamed "NO ONE NEEDED NEW TOWELS" was lol-worthy.
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Any guesses as to what the doll is all about?
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Or the crazy black lady singing in french?
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Last night's episode was pretty good. I am glad it didn't suck as I was about to give up on true blood (maybe lol8[1].gif )
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Eric is turning gay. He needs to get his memory back soon. I'm going to assume jessica won't die since they can't kill off the hottest girl on the show.
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A friend of mine and I were discussing the episode last night. There's no way they'd kill off Jessica, so we've postulated that Jason shot Bill's guard and ran to the door to tackle Jessica. However, what she does to him afterwards is questionable.
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