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The new season is thus far my fave. Less "OH NO SAVES ME" and more an actual storyline (stuff about vamps). Worth watching if you've got a few hours to kill now and then, I've enjoyed it. Moving at a snail's pace though.
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thread is quiet because the show became PG-13 this season
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And completely went to shit.
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Wow, this is just terrible. All this "Blood of Lillith" shit is just so fucking boring.
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Political expression getting in the way of good storytelling. It's HBO, what's new?
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Who/what dragged Alcide??

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Originally Posted by Lionheart Biker View Post

Who/what dragged Alcide??

We'll find out next episode
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I didnt realize so many chicks posted on this forum
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Originally Posted by Lionheart Biker View Post

Who/what dragged Alcide??

Pack of wolves is my guess.
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What the fuck happened there at the end?
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
And why did the authority not explode once being staked and instead melted sort of?
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Here's my idea of what happened: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
We know that there is a significant number of sanguinistas among the chancellors. We also know that there was a woman who saved Russell, and it wasn't Nora. From Doug's vision, it's probably Salome, that Spanish/whatever chick that Roman was fucking. So we know that Kibwe (the black guy), Nora, Salome, and Alexander (the little kid) are all part of the sanguinista movement. Salome has considerable power over everyone involved with the Authority, so she easily could have deactivated the iStake on Russell. IIRC, she also was the one holding the wooden stake in her hand when the iStake malfunctioned. So from my point of view it looks like the Sanguinstas among the Authority wanted to get rid of Roman, and the best way to do so is using the oldest vampire around.
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"Peace is for pussies" - Russel Edgington (sp?) Best line of the show ever.
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there's a scene where the shifter is talking to sherriff balfour in a hospital ward.... if anyone noticed it was the same set used in the show Scrubs.

also when the war vet is saying he's cursed to his wife about a smoke monster killing him? the wife was also in Lost (she played Benjamin Linus' mother)... lost had that smoke monster in it. also the actress is married in real life to the actor who plays benjamin linus from lost.
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Isn´t anyone else annoyed by how some characters are so quick to dismiss the existence of other supernatural beings?? They live in a world of vampires, werewolves, maenads, fairies, etc. If someone tells you he saw some weird creature, you better believe it.

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Why was Tara as strong as Jessica? I think that she should be a lot stronger. Just like she was stronger when she was fighting with the preacher.
The chicks on the show are hot, at least.
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