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"gash in a sundress" LOL.

That pretty much sucked overall. But it managed to take my mind off other stupid shit for an hour or so.
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Originally Posted by GQgeek View Post

I would shoot myself if i ever read the book(s). There are so many better things to read.

and there are so many worse things you could be reading
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The books aren't bad, and they are much better than the show.
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jessica naked!!!!
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the ending was a big middle finger to us and the rest of the tara haters. we have to go 6 months thinking she's dead.
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FUCKING RIGHT!! Jessica getting more and more nekked, The vampire cunt and tara both dead! AMAZING!
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she'll be back. btw, assuming it ws russell that escaped the parking lot grave?
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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post

she'll be back. btw, assuming it ws russell that escaped the parking lot grave?

yup. that's what i am thinking. be fucking awesome.
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just looked it up. its confirmed the King will return
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russell for sure.
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That finale was pretty crazy, did not expect the ending.

I was excited to see the reverend, one of my best plots so far has been fellowship of the sun, hopefully it continues on towards the next season
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They just made up for this shit season with this episode.
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How gay is that when Jessica showed up in her Little Red Ridding Hood outfit the second thing I thought was "damn, Mauro is gonna cream his jeans."

Overall a decent ending, they culled a few characters, and set the scene for what should be a fun next season. The authority v. Bill/Eric and Russel's back. I have a feeling Russela and B/E will end up on the same side fighting the authority.
They best fire the emo bitch ass writers that thought all the weepy romance crap was worth so much scene time.

"Were not puppy dogs!" was the line of the night.
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After the episode the girl I am dating left the room. I said" where are you going? Please tell me you aren't jealous of a character on TV". Her response" I am ! What makes Jessica so sexy!"
Being as old as I am and having the wisdom I do , I left that shit alone and logged onto Black Ops.
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Problem with Tara being dead: just like with Jesus, Lafayette can see her, so odds are she still will be around. At least we won't have to deal with the trembling lower lip though.
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