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Ike behar bespoke shirts?

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I was in the local Ritz Carlton the other day and in one of the stores off the lobby they had a number of nice products, i.e. Creed Irish Tweed, Art of Shaving products, etc. I noticed they have these Ike Behar bespoke shirt kits. You buy a box with the fabric in it, you fill out the size chart, put the fabric back in the box and drop it in the mail, and a few weeks later, they send you your shirt. Postage is included in the price, so all you do is measure, fill out the chart and drop the box in the mail. It looks like a great bit of marketing. The price, being in the Ritz, is obscene -- like $180. But I have a relative who works there, and she can get me a 50 percent discount. At $90, I'll consider it. Anyone know anything about these?
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Stu: A lot of Nordstroms here on the West Coast and many specialty stores nationwide have the same program. My brother ordered a shirt and has been very pleased with it. Generally the prices run $100-150, so $90 is a good deal. I've found Behar shirts to be great quality. You can also order them from their website.
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Thanks Steve. BTW: The Art of Shaving products at 50 percent off are great.
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Stu: AOS- 50% off where??? Missed that one- LOVE the stuff.
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Steve: I know you do, I remember that from an earlier thread. Your rave review inspired me to try AOS. They also sell that at the Ritz, and my sister in law works there, so I use her 50 percent discount for that too. The pre-shave oil, cream and aftershave lotion all come out to like $47 with the discount. Not a bad deal, because from the Website it would be like close to $100.
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Ah Ok...Didn't want to miss out. Thanks.
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Actually, just to correct you, those would not be considered bespoke shirts, as made to measure would be the correct term I believe. I did a couple Robert Talbott made to measures through Nordstroms, but I was not aware they do Ike Behar. But anyways, bespoke involves having your measurements taken (between 10-30), and the process is much more involved then simply filling out a card and picking a fabric swatch. One must not interchange the term bespoke with made to measure, as their is a difference, confusing as it may be...But made to measure is still great
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