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Flava Flav style

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I think I would like to dress up as Flava Flav for the next costume party I will attend. I do not really know Public Enemy that well -- not much of a fan of East Coast rap -- but I do have a lot of clocks and would enjoy wearing one around my neck. Other than the signature clock, what else does he wear? Does he wear a specific brand of sneaks? Google Image Search turned up a bunch of people dressed as Flav but not as many good photos of Flav himself.
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remember to set the clock either at 12 or 12:30. that's because he's "either straight up, or straight up and straight down".
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I hope it turns out better than your Black Panther costume.
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PE pretty much wore Pony.

Best of luck once again.
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1) It's Flavor Flav

2) Big goofy hat, always sideways, big sunglasses, often matching shirt and pants in ridiculous patterns (plaid mostly), and didn't he have some gold teeth?
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Watch Flavor of Love on VH1 for his latest looks (and to watch ho's go at it with one another..this show's a trainwreck that's mesmerizing)

get into the viking helmet with horns.
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That viking helmet has been done to death by costumers, and it's not even classic Flav (it's from that VH1 reality show). I'd go with a top hat of some sort.

EDIT: Come to think of it, Flav is played out period thanks to his new shows. Go as Slick Rick.
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