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Is it just me. . ?

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I was out the past few days trying to find a new pair of black dress shoes, but nothing grabbed me at all. I fail to find the styles that most shoe designers are putting out to be interesting. Some of the Ferragamos I saw were ok, but still didn't hook me. I definitely want to stay away from the clunky, squared off look, but I'm not really feeling the slim, long toe style either. The irony is is that I do have an idea of what I want, but I don't know if anyone is doing a shoe like it. What I would like to find is a clean lined, black leather shoe (sort of sporty, but still classy) where the front sole curves up. So that if you sit the shoe on a table, and look at it at eye level, the front sole tip, under the toes, will be about an inch or so off the table top. I guess it will be a mix between a dress shoe and the sole of a running shoe (or those clichéd Middle Eastern sheik shoes) if you can imagine what I am talking about. Now the big question is do any of you know if there is a company that makes a shoe like this? Thanks. . .
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Cole Haan would fit the bill perfectly. Try for an idea of styles. Something in the Air range would probably work for you.
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I guess it all depends on what you call "interesting." I've seen some dress shoes from the Fendi, Sergio Rossi and Bottega Veneta men's lines that are pretty cool. I usually like Cesare Paciotti, too, but I haven't seen this season's wares up close yet.
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