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what i was really trying to say was, i don't think black pants and black shoes don't go well together, if only worn with a shirt.
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Originally Posted by playdohh22 View Post
what i was really trying to say was, i don't think black pants and black shoes don't go well together, if only worn with a shirt.

I don't not think that black pants and shoes don't not go together.

If it makes you happy wear something else.
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I didn't read the whole thread, but I'm also in high school and thought I could offer a little of advice.

If you don't need money, think about an unpaid internship. If you have good academic standing, some distinguishing skills, and the chutzpah to apply for internship programs that usually only take college kids, you might be surprised at the sort of stuff you can land. Colleges eat that shit up.

While I think it's important to do some blue collar work, I sympathize with your not wanting to work at McDonalds. If I did that, I'd feel like a bit of a sellout too. Think a little outside of the box on this. I'm thinking about working as a farm/ranch hand or maybe as a crew member on a cargo ship up in Lake Superior. Consider that kind of stuff.
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quick question: could i wear a dress belt with casual pants?
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If you're 18, you can work on an organic form , I believe... (assuming you don't need $)
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To OP, try looking at a local hospital for a PRN ("as needed") position. I work as a pharmacy technician 2 alternating weekends a month and get paid $12+ an hour...that's probably not alot in NYC but its pretty good money here for daily spending and gas money. Also great hours since my shift is during the weekends and that allows me time for college. Downside is you'll probably have to be at least 18 years old and may get a professional license for whatever you may be doing. (I did not for my tech position, my state does not require it)
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anything that tips well car valet at a hotel or something
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One job that's available almost anywhere for a teenager is waiting tables.

Make bucks, meet chicks
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Just discovered this thread.

I'm more familar with the OP than the rest of you. We exchanged a number of PMs over the winter when he inquired about a posting of mine on AAAC where I mask as Peak and Pine and he as here, Playdohh22.

Kid, you acted a lot brighter there than you are here. You live in lower Manhattan with your folks. Kids from all over the U.S. woud kill to come where you are to work for the summer, but they can't afford to live there. You don't have that worry. Buck up. You could find work tonight if you tried. And do, please, 'cause there's an eBay bill to settle, if you're catching my drift.

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OP at your age, I'd recommend a shit retail/service job where you'll have to deal with people on a regular basis and actually see what people are like. It will serve you incredibly well in the future.

My first (paying) job was as a cashier at a grocery store. I quickly learned that you can divide people up into two groups: those who try to short change you and cheat you, and those too stupid to count their own money.
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I did fast food. I only work a few hours a week. Then I got a furniture moving position that paid $14.50 an hour, but the hours were from 6am to 2pm. I died everyday, and I was falling asleep at 2 every afternoon, waking up at midnight, watching tv, then going to work again. I also got a job for the city setting up city events. 4th of July netted me $600 for 3 days of work, and I got $40 for 4 hours at a Farmer's Market. There is work out there, just go out there and find it.
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