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my need for honest to goodness black bals - or bals in general - is too rare to waste in a three shoe wardrobe, so I'll say: sleek burgandy blucher for pseudo dress - say the Vass London on the F last in oxblood. dark brown suede chukka - say EG Warwick on the 606 RL Darlton wingtip in brown shell
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Black Jermyn II.
Brown Jermyn II.
Chestnut loafer.
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Chestnut/tan semi brogue
Brown/chestnut full brogue
Black cap
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1. Black calf stitch captoe
2. Dark brown calf single or double monk
3. Bordeaux shell cordovan wingtip brogue
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1. Vass Old English U last in black
2. Santoni Gordon Antiqued Brown Blucher
3. Alden Ravello LHS

BTW - isn't this just 'Pick one shoe for business, one for business casual and one for casual wear?'

Also: PSG - what am I missing with the double monk strap?
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^I picked mine based on awesomeness, rather than any sense of obligation.
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Black plain toe
Burgundy austerity brogue
Brown suede wingtips
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White hi top sneaker
Black boots
Black plaintoes derbies or wholecuts
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black plain-toe oxford med-dk brown semi-brogue gray vans slides
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If you had asked me five years ago I would have been hard pressed to choose anything but English-made shoes (and here's a shout out to my beloved EG Falkirks which sadly just don't make the cut).

1. Norvogese welted half brogue in some shade of brown.
2. Bentivegna welted split toe in oxblood.
3. Weston 180 penny loafer.
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Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy View Post
Brown double monk captoe (If I only had three I would have this in a double monk version)
gorgeous shoes. total bondage is great. How much? and where to buy?
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1. Black cap toe Oxford
2. Brown brogue
3. Burgundy monk
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Originally Posted by brooksmc2002 View Post
If you had to only keep or purchase 3 pair of shoes to wear with everything what would they be?

I'm pretty sure that person wouldn't be allowed on the SF unless he was buying madly in order to increase his shoe supply.
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Darn, 3 will never be enough.

1 Black
1 Brown
1 Burgundy

and countless of other colors.
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1) Black Cap Toe Oxford
2) Brown Full Brogue Wingtip
3) Tan Suede Chukka Boot Rubber Sole
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