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Fashion related poster (Tom Ford?)

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Good evening gentlemen.

I am in the process of getting a large framed poster for my living room. I have been searching high and low for a nice fashion related one (vintage Dior or YSL marketing poster) with poor luck.

Any idea where one could buy a large Tom Ford (Black orchid or For Men) poster? I did not find an email address for contact.

Also other recommendations would be helpful. I did find art.com.
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you're either an amazing spammer or retarded. i am on the fence.
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How about a Tom of Finland poster. Google image is your friend.
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Just go to LV and buy a sheet of monogram leather and stick it to your wall. It will be instantly recognizable.
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Actually looking something similar to the OP. Looking for LV posters to frame to give to the gf for either christmas or an upcoming event. I was leaning vintage. I actually wanted to get my hands on one of those enormous posters they have in store/hanging in the windows for her (obviously not framed), but ws told by a firend who works for them in Paris that this would not be possible.

Found these sites (not spamming..) http://www.arteauto.com/pages/louisvuittonposters.htm

Kind of blown away at the ~$400 price range, or is that what i should be expecting to pay? It's just a print, after all...
Had a much easier time finding some cool ducati posters to have framed for her dad for christmas.
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