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Vitamins anyone?

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Anyone take a one-a-day vitamin? If so, any recommendations?
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I take Mega Men by GNC, and supplement it with certain requirements on my body on my doctors' recommendations. I do not know how effective they really are, but you might as well.
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I take children's chewables. I kid you not. The adult ones hurt my stomache, and the children's are rather good. Kids need lots of vitamins.
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For a serious selection of high quality nutritional supplements at a much better than average price, try: http://www.wonderlabs.com. You can order online or via toll-free telephone. They ship direct from their manufacturing facility in Oklahoma. There is no minimum order.

By the way, Wonder Labs does have single tablet multi-vitamins in the correct RDA and ingredient ratios.
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Honestly you're just about as well off with Centrum and its knock-offs as anything else. All these "men's" vitamins with 80000% DV of Vitamins A-Z succeed mostly in giving you very expensive urine. And while overdosing on most vitamins is quite difficult, fat soluble vitamins (A,D,E, and K) are all potentially toxic in too high of doses.
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avoid vitamins that contain iron. iron is toxic in high doses and men get enough of it by eating any quantity of meat. iron is okay in women's and children's vitamins.
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Anyone have any experience with GNLD vitamins? They are very expensive and you have to pay a yearly distributor fee just to get them, which makes me think they are most likely a scam. But I know someone who swears by them, and he definately seems to have tons of energy for working night shifts and then going to school at 8am, getting less than 5 hours of sleep a day. Specifically, he likes the Formula IV vitamins there.
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I've taken many different types of vitamins...

My general one-a-day vitamin for the past few years is Kirkland Daily Multi Vitamins and Minerals. It compares to Centrum, but is the Costco brand and thus much cheaper. It has always worked very well and compares very well to the more expensive brands I've tried.

I also do additional supplementation with Vitamin B, C, E and CoQ-10, plus a ZMA formula at night as well as protein shakes and creatine.
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Originally Posted by Mr. Checks
Anyone take a one-a-day vitamin? If so, any recommendations?
Hey you Mr. Checks, I'm worried, you’re losing, you’re losing your vitamin C.
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A vitamin is a vitamin. The cheapest tablets are being absorbed the same was as the most expensive ones, and all vitamin molecules will end up doing the same thing.
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I take Men's One-A-Day and occasionally an Omega-3 supplement from Trader Joe's.
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salmon oil capsules and i'd like to get ahold of some cold pressed seal oil too.
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matador: Also, iron interferes with Vitamin E. They should be taken at least 8 hrs apart. And, I've cut down my intake of A, E, and D. Recent evidence shows that D is more important than previously thought. Especially for women.

I really got into vitamins when I was in the Peace Corps. My roommate was from Michigan and was really an advocate. I've read a lot of material since and still feel they give us a lot of benefits. And, the medical community has slowly accepted that taking them is a good preventative regimen.
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I've got some GNC Mega Men Sport...although I probably payed more for nothing...it doesn't look like it's much different than the regular Mega Men. Going to give it a try and see what happens. I didn't like Centrum at all.
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Originally Posted by Mr. Checks
Anyone take a one-a-day vitamin? If so, any recommendations?

I used to take the Costco brand multivitamin. When I had knee surgery 2 years ago, I asked my orthopedic surgeon and he recommended Nutriex. I got the sport variety. I have been taking them for a while, but can't really say that I notice much of a difference. One thing -- at my bodyweight (220 pounds) Nutriex recommends 9 capsules per day! I suppose that makes it a nine-a-day. 3 at breakfast, 3 at lunch, 3 at dinner is the best, but you can also take them 5 at breakfast and 4 at dinner.


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