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I'm wondering what the Pride parade is going to do as far as closing down access to the two venues? Hopefully none at all.
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It's 93 degrees in Walnut Creek at 11am. I'm looking forward to coming into SF to cool down with the SF gang.
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Originally Posted by Chips View Post
I'm wondering what the Pride parade is going to do as far as closing down access to the two venues? Hopefully none at all.

Hopefully not too much as the actual parade is tomorrow. I would expect you should be able to find parking in the big garage adjacent to the Moscone center.

And as PSG notes, it looks to be a lovely, warm day and evening for us. See you all there!

Saturday, June 27.


B Bar

Dinner: LuLu
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Looking forward to it.

We got up at 4 this morning to catch the first plane to SF, so are pretty certain we won't last until dinner, but the weather is great and we will walk over.

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A wonderful time was had by all. It was a real pleasure meeting everyone.

For those of you that have not attended a SF meetup, it was an excellent time of fellowship.

There was a surprising lack of discussion of matters sartorial. In fact I remember virtually none. More general camaraderie and lively discusson on a wide range of topics.

I look forward to doing it again.

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So, I'm on my way to SF for the meetup, I stop in at the gas station to pick up some mints. The guy behind the counter is all sweaty and wearing rumpled grease stained clothing probably just climbing out from under a car. He looks at me, gives the thumbs up and says,"good looking outfit, man! Meeting some hot babes I bet". So, I'm thinking, how do I tell him I'm off to see guys that I talk to on-line about clothing? Oh, never mind........
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pics or it didn't happen.
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pics are distinctly small time for meetups. no cameras or pics is clearly the more elevated state of iGentism (and iLadyism). Great meeting everyone (Audio - been chatting about the Canada / US stuff all morning with my wife) sorry I came late, and left early.
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It was a very enjoyable evening. Thanks Binge for setting everything up. It was nice to see familiar faces and meet new ones as well as their SO's.
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A teaser image....bmulford's powers of telekinesis create a small explosion on my lapel.

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I'll post up a detailed commentary when I'm in front of my computer. Suffice it to say, it was a fantastic evening.

As for photos. Too bad. Lol
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Had a great time. Thanks guys. They just keep getting better. Looking forward to the next one in Napa.
Originally Posted by teddieriley View Post
pics or it didn't happen.
You're just going to have to come up for one, G!
Originally Posted by Tarmac View Post
I've been way too lame and missed too many of these previous meetups, I will come by for drinks at B-Bar, don't worry, I won't try to crash Lulu. Look for the guy with the famous rain-stained Aldens Looking forward to hanging out.
We missed ya.
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Binge, thanks for a great evening among great company.
As has already been noted, a bunch of clothing
maniacs have opinions on matters non sartorial,
like "financial bondage", for example.
I look forward to the next one
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Kim and I had a blast. It was great seeing the familiar few, and meeting several new folks as well. Very friendly conversation with all.

We checked out the King Tutankamun Exhibit at the de Young Museum today, and had quite a blast. I would highly recommend it to all.

Attached are a few shots taken with my ridiculously big and outdated camera. I wanted to have a nice slim pocket camera to capture a few shots of last night. But there will have to be time for more of that in Napa at our next meet up.

Of course a nice shot of us both together would be nice, but they didn't come out well.

She cracked up, carrying on with Anthony, Matt, Aaron and Anthony's wife.

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I like her sweater. So it's appropriate to post on.
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