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Indian import duties?

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Does anyone know about import duties on cloth to India? I saw some nice seersucker at Beckenstein's on Saturday and wanted to send 5 yards to my tailor for a suit (two trousers). Any idea?
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In my experience depends on how you mail it. My grandfather who lives in India use to go to London once a year to get his suits made and now he is too old but still likes the materials you get outside of India so once or twice a year I send him things including fabric on occasion. If I send it USPS which is DHL on the international probelm , no duties. If I go fedex or DHL direct about 30 to 50% and only fedex lets me provide a number so they don't charge him for the duties.
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Thank you! That is very helpful, and a nice story to boot. Do you send the material USPS Airmal parcel? And how do you mark the customs form?
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It depends on where you sending it and to whom. I always pay up for global priority insured because on other occasions it goes missing.

If you know about the postal system in India you on occasion have to "tip" the mail man if you want your mail and with global prioriority there is none of that. If you are mailing to Delhi you have a good chance of it getting there , same with Calcutta. Bombay less so and Patna you better send an armored car.

Also be vague on the shipping label if you don't send it Global because on occasion this could be a shopping trip.
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