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Watch question

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I have done some research and am getting ready to purchase a nice Tag sport/casual watch. I've seen some great prices at, Atlantic and The latter in fact has a great deal on the model I want -- I can get it for more that $300 less than my friendly local jeweler. Two concerns I have: 1. is not an authorized TH dealer. Is that a problem? They say it only means they honor the warranty and not TH. If that's the case it seems like no big deal also: 2: How can I ensure I'm getting the real thing and not a fake? Is that a problem for TH watches and Or can I rest easy and order? Thoughts, comments? Any help is appreciated
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If they only honour the warranty they can sell you a fake watch, but only just. It's considered false advertising if they do, so you can catch them at it, but they can still actually sell you the watch. I think. I dropped out of law school guys, I'll admit it. I'm sorry. What kind of model are you looking at? Try to make sure that it's not too chunky, as it will catch on your cuff when you wear a shirt. Most men should have a sports watch like a Tag or a Rolex, and then a dinner watch that's a slim cut, like the Tag Monaco or, again, a Rolex. Ideally, you should never buy a watch with gold on it as it no longer looks acceptable. Silver, platinum, graphite and stainless steel are the most accepted materials, along with all of their variants. Anyway, you've decided on the watch, I don't know why I'm telling you these things... --European Interloper
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Thanks E.I. I guess that means if I catch them selling a fake, I can nail them. I don't suspect anything amiss, but one never knows.... As for your comment on gold, I assume you mean that gold is out of style on Sports watches, right? I am also thinking of buying a nice Omega Constellation two tone -- gold and silver bracelet. That's a classic dress watch that I would think would never go out of style. The TH I am looking at is a Series 2000 automatic with Blue dial. Something that is rather traditional but would look nice with khakis and a polo, or at the beach as well. For a dress watch, as I mentionend, I plan on buying a Constellation later this year.
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Although, as most of you know, I am hooked on my Patek Philippe 5107 (in white gold), I own a less expensive "sport" watch that gets way more comments from both guys and girls, look a lot more expensive, and, simply put, is an amazing watch. Check out the Gino Franco  988BL.  For only $135, I challenge you to find a better more stylish watch.  This is the ONLY watch that I dare wear into the clubs.  The blue face is very distinctive, and goes well with every piece of stylish clothes.
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There's an awesome dunhill watch that's very similar to the one that GQ lawyer mentions, and is possibly even more stylish. Other than that, Tissot makes great semi-cheap but high quality sport watches. Boss also has one very cool sports watch, but, as always, I can't give you the specific details because I've seen it in magazines that I no longer have. Sorry. --European Interloper
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I love this forum.. I am definitely going to order that Gino Franco watch in the next week. Thanks for the tip GQL..
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