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Actually, that kinda helps. I liked Messiah, too. I understand the dislike of it, since it's so different from Dune that it's almost like it was written by a different author.

Messiah was often critiqued for focusing too much on the politics / plots within plots, etc. and not having as much action as Dune did. That's actually why I preferred it. Seems people hate God Emperor for the same reason, so I'm very excited for that one. I liked Children about as much as Dune.
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After so many months finally picked Salammbo back up on Sunday night and finished the last 2 chapters. WTF. Flaubert goes from sheer brilliance with Madame Bovary to this garbage. At least I finished it though.

I guess Robert Graves spoiled me a bit too much as far as historical fiction goes.
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The secret history by Donna Tartt

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The Secret History is one of my favorite novels. BBC is airing an adaptation of Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall. 

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