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Like dude, at my age? No way!

Dude, where's my diploma?
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super sad true love story - shteyngart
just finished your face tomorrow series which i got really sick of 80% of the way through
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The Plague by Camus.
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Finished Cabinet of Curiousities last night. Now reading the next book in the series, about 3 chapters in.

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Loved these as a kid, and recently re-purchased volumes 1 and 3. The illustrations were indeed awesome smile.gif
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Recently purchased a favorite series I read when I was younger, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Bunch of short entertaining horror stories. By far the best part was the illustrations, anyone remember these?
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That National Reconnaissance Office 50-year party that was last Friday night?

Apparently it was pretty good.
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About to finish up the Ra Channelings. Absolutely fascinating. A testament to the creativity of pranksters and hoaksters. This David Wilcock who claims to channel the collective alien consciousness known as Ra makes David Icke seem logical and sane.

Next I'll start up Dying Earth by Jack Vance. Already side-loaded on my Nook.

Also, for the sake of old times, I downloaded a massive torrent containing PDFs of all the original first edition Dungeons and Dragons game. Then it got me thinking how lame Wizards of the Coast has gotten lately, after they bought D&D from TSR. Then I remembered the last WotC RPG I actually liked, Talislanta.

Couldn't find any torrent but then realized, they are not enforcing any rights, and PDFs of Talislanta are available for download anywhere on the web. Sweet.
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Everything Beautiful Began After by Simon Van Booy. Really wonderful prose.
Caravaggio, by Andrew Graham-Dixon. Very well written; as readable as his broadcasting style is watchable.
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Just finishing up The Great Shark Hunt by Hunter S. Thompson. Lots of craziness with some seriously insightful gems.
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Hold Tight by Harlan Coben. Half way through and my Kindle went on the fritz! Good thing Amazon is two-day shipping me a new one fo' free. Incidentally, I find Coben's standalone novels to be much better written than his Myron Bolitar series.
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oblomov by goncharov
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Finished Still Life of Crows on Friday, continuing on with the series, I'm about 300 pages into Brimstone.

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I was curious why the art of manliness web site loves Roosevelt to much. So I picked up "Colonel Roosevelt" by Edmund Morris. What an interesting guy! I think I'll read the Morris trilogy, backwards though.
I also picked up "Fall of giants" by Ken Follett. Great read on an era I know nothing about. Factory workers use to work from 6am till 7pm, M-Sat! What a crap life. My guys work from 7am to 4:30 with Fridays off most of the time. This has a load of characters running around in the era right before WWI. I like Follett's writing style and is read for a relaxing read. What interests me the most is the life style in Wales back then. I think my ancestors immigrated right after this time period.
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TR was 'da man!

But then again, any politician who stands up to the Republican party from within is a hero in my book. IMO every president we have had since then has tried, and failed, to emulate him.
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