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yea id say blinks better
it might be repetitive..hes a great writer..turns boring research into something one can actually read
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Originally Posted by Brian SD
Just finished The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami. now reading Chronicles: Part One by Bob Dylan

Murakami is a big favourite of mine, and that is one of his best books

Originally Posted by imageWIS
I've been reading it forever, but I'm always too busy to finish:

The World of Yesterday - Stefan Zweig


On the topic of forever reading, too busy to finish:
Maurice Merleau-Ponty L'oeil et l'esprit, not a very big book but can be enjoyed for a very long time.
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My Tank Is Fight! Yes, I know, high-brow stuff
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Just finished The Corrections (I know, a little slow on the uptake, considering that it was years ago now that it was getting all the hype). Possibly the most deeply depressing book I've ever read, but it was great.
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Mostly history readings on early christianity, late antique rome, french revolution, and russian revolutions for classes. Whenever i have free time for fun reading, it's anything by a 19th cent russian writer.
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NT Wright, The Resurrection of the Son of God
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The Autobiography of a Tibetan Monk, by Palden Gyatso

It really has struck a chord with me. The capacity for human cruelty is staggering! (30 years of systematic torture, for refusing to adhere to Communist Chinese brainwashing) It's making me re -think some shit!....
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I was inspired by the coming attractions for the movie "300" (on the battle of Thermopylae) to start re-reading Book VII of Herodotus in the original with my old How & Wells commentary. Think I'll try to read Books VIII & IX of H. as well.

After looking at the Frank Miller "graphic novel" on which the movie is based, I think I'll pass on the movie. For whatever perverse and racist reasons, the Persians are portrayed as grotesque and hideous negroes in Miller's upscale comic, and I think the movie follows this.
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Finally picking through Jonathan Spence's Treason By The Book.

Also Suetonius, although my Latin is not anywhere near being able to read that in the original.
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I always have about ten books I am reading:
2 Lewis Lapham books, Theater of War and Gag Rule
Machiavelli's The Prince, Mantonsfield edition
Mitterand: Une histoire de Francais by Jean Lacouture
Tatiana Tolstoi's pretentious De l'elegance masculine
Laurent Fauvel's dated Smoking, jean et peignoir de soie
Courtilz's spurious Memoires de M. d'Artagnan (one of Dumas' sources)
Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen's disappointing attempt at satire A Pinch of Posh
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Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter
Simone de Beauvoir
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Status Anxiety Alain de Botton
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Kundera's The Book of Laughter and Forgetting. quite a bit different than ULoB.

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