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I recently finished 'The Jungle' by Upton Sinclair, and am reading 'Vanishing Point' by David Markson.
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Has everyone read W.G. Sebald?
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I just finished reading House of Medici, by Christopher Hibbert.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book.
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Originally Posted by Pink22m
I just finished reading House of Medici, by Christopher Hibbert.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

I liked his Mussolini biography.

Recently been re-reading this "autobiography":

"Hot Art, Cold Cash", - facile title, too much bragging from the author, in dire need of proof-reading, but can be down-loaded for free (pdf) from the link above. If all the stories there are completely true, it's a miracle the man hasn't been murdered. Well, after reading the book, some of the art world people he describes would want to murder him in any case.
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Just finished "My War" by Colby Buzzell, just started "The Hitler Book" edited by Eberle and Uhl.
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Several cases from Westlaw dealing with intentional torts. For fun, the Burton Raffel translation of Don Quijote.
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Rubicon: The Last Years Of The Roman Republic by Tom Holland

I bought it a while ago but just started reading it every night and am about half-way through. It's quite enjoyable and does a good job of presenting how the Romans thought, as opposed to just detailing their actions.
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The Prize - Daniel Yergin (Fabulous book)
The Second World War - Winston Churchill (6 volume set)
The World is Flat - Thomas Friedman
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Interesting denning. I read Commanding Heights in college and loved it so much that I changed my major to Economics. I definately need to pick The Prize up when I get a chance!
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Javyn, I love reading history and the Prize grounds itself in history starting off way back when oil used to seep up from the ground in pools, and then tracing the developments of oil discovery all over the world, the political turmoil surrounding attempts at acquisition, its overall effect on the world over the last two centuries (especially the world wars) and works its way up through all the major oil companies from Standard Oil through Royal Dutch, BP etc. It's definitely not something you would want to try to work your way through in a few sittings as it is long, and is a slow read because of all the information you are trying to keep in your head as go along. But well worth picking up.

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The Tattooed Girl, Joyce Carol Oates
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my second thread revival for the day.... im reading the far-fetched but entertaining Q&A by Vikas Swarup and the equally far-fetched but less entertaining Winning by Jack Welch. Others?
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social psychology, developmental psychology, biology
yea it sucks ass
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oo but i was reading blink by malcolm gladwell..great book
tipping point is also really good
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i read Tipping Point years ago, interesting premise, but I kinda thought that he had about 130 pages of worthwhile material and a deal to write very repetitive and laborious. People last week were telling me that Blink is a lot better though, it's on my shopping list.
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