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FS: APC Grey Jeans , Nudie Grim Tim, LVC 501 28,29,30

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Today I have three pairs of jeans for sale! First off is the LVC 501 1947. Season: Fall 2006 This season had the smaller selvage hem. The leather patch is very nice imo. Anyways , I ordered this in a bigger size but the associate wrote down 28. so I have for you , LVC 501 1947 size 28. THESE ARE BRAND NEW WITH TAGS. Measurements: inseam: 34 waist: 14 aligned thigh: 10.5" knee: 8 hem: slightly over 7.5" , 7.625 i'd say. 95$ Shipped in the USA . Second, APC Grey pants size 30. These are grey jeans that I bought from Southwillard in the early summers of 2008. So I would say that they are from APC's 2008 S/S Line. They aren't tagged with NS or NC but based on measurements , I'd say they are like NC. One weird thing though is that the white tag inside with the washing instructions was kinda yellow when I bought it. I guess they've been sitting at SW for a while since I got them during a sale. I wore these a handful of times before I washed them. After washing them they shrunk a tad and became too slim of a look for me. Most of you guys on here might like it. I am more of a NS guy than a NC guy so that is why I am selling them. MSRP is around 200-210.These pants have been sitting in my closet for the past... 8-9 months since I was away at college. *ALSO , THESE HAVE BEEN HEMMED* I am asking 115$ shipped. Very much new , only washed 2-3 times , no creases except for folding ones. Measurements: Waist: 15.25" aligned Inseam: slightly over 29" Thigh: about 11" Knee: 7.6" Hem:7" Last, Nudie Grim Tim Jeans 29 x 32. These are just too slim of a look for me. I have worn these on and a off for maybe 4 months. For the last year or so , they have been chillin in my closet. The "fades" are less pronounced in person because they are mostly due to the folds that appear because of being in the closet for so long. Combs on the back aren't that deep. Knees are showing slight wear. these is also slight wear on the hem too. More pictures avaialble , just ask. Oh and the black mark on the patch is from my belt. I am certain you can easily clean it off. Oh and I forgot to mention , I took off the nudie waves on the back because they are too flashy for me. Asking: 90$ Shipped Measurements: Inseam: just under 32" Waist:15.3" aligned Thigh: 10.8" Knee: about 7.75" Hem: just under 7" DONT HESISTATE TO ASK FOR MORE PHOTOS! AS FOR PRICES, I WILL TAKE OFFERS BUT FOR THE MOST PART MY PRICES ARE FIRM!!!
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they've been sitting in a bag in my closet for the past few months.

here are the new prices

lvc 1947 501 - 85$
apc grey ns - 100$
nudies - 80$

you can take an additional 5$ off if you pay money via paypal "gift funds" since there are no fees through that method.

dont hesistate to pm me
thats pretty much all I can do for prices...
also no trades!
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How much stretching / shrinkage to expect for these?
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i've been looking for those APCs for a long time. my size too! too bad they're hemmed
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Are the lvc 1947 501 still available?
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They are all still available.

Too many flakers!

sent you a pm my man.
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PM sent
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Can't seem to edit the main page , but anyways the 501s are GONE!
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I was wondering if you still had those Grim Tims... this is super late i know lol
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FYI, I also purchased those grey APCs (definitely closest to New Cure than any other APC cut) from South Willard and the tag was also yellowed.
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Uhh so what about the Grim Tims? Still available for purchase?
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