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Rag and Bone RB6b (indigo) 32x32

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I hate to do this, but I'm thinking about selling my Rag & Bone RB6b. They are about 2 months old, purchased at Hollywood Trading Company in January, size 32x32. Beautiful pair of jeans, but just too short for me. I think somewhere around $100 would be appropriate.

There is some whiskering and honeycombs have begun to form, no noticeable fading.

The white mark in this shot is not actually on the jeans, probably just something from the camera. See the previous pics.

PM me with any offers

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Can you post the actual waist, inseam, and leg-opening measurements when you get a chance?
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I may be interested too, let me know what the actual waist measurement is.
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I'm also very interested after getting waist measurements. Can you compare the size and fit of these to any other jeans?
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Can't claim to know much about taking measurements, so I took the following pics. I'm assuming that means a waist of ~ 34" and a leg opening of around 9.5". Don't think the waist was that big when I bought them, so they might've done some stretching. Inseam was a bit harder to measure, I put them on and measured from the bottom to the crotch. Looked to be about 31" even.
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Not really too sure how to classify the fit. All I know is it was the thing I originally fell in love with. Umm... they are straight leg, not too slim. The leg opening is about 9.5 inches as shown above.

I don't really know enough to give you too much information on the cut. I believe Active Endeavors has the Trouser cut selvedge version of this pair and they say its got a 10.5" rise and 31" inseam.

Hope that helped :/
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PG2G, I would be all over these if they were a little longer (at a 34" waist, with where they'd sit on my hips they might work if they were truly around a 32" inseam or a little longer, but unfortunately 31" is just a little too short). So I feel for you having to sell them because of the length! Best of luck.
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No longer for sale. A couple members contacted me about a error in the construction and I'm in talks with Rag & Bone to get them replaced. Incredible customer service :P
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