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I watched that just this weekend, also for the first time. Pretty funny. The ending, however, was the most blatant set up for movie #2. Harold & Kumar go to Amsterdam, anyone?
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Interestingly enough, Tom Cruise watched Harold & Kumar right before asking out Katie Holmes . . .
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H&K was a pretty good movie - certainly not sophisticated humor by any stretch of the imagination, but of course that's not what the target audience was expecting.

Damn, now I want to watch it tonight - haven't seen it in a while.
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H&K definitely was a fun movie...

I've smoked pot a few times in the Netherlands, but frankly never really felt much. Everyone's talking about it, but yet I don't feel much???
The belief I've come to is that there is no point in it, whenI want to kill a few brain cells (that's why men have more brain cells than women after all) alcohol is clearly preferable.
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I only smoke pot after I shoot up.

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Being high all the time is the only thing that makes college life tolerable. Otherwise, I feel as though I'm accomplishing nothing here; there is no immediate, tangable reward for all of the work I've been doing.
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No; neither does the head of the Canadian Green Party (thanks NPR!); I'm 15.
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i've done it once because i fell to peer pressure.
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I've done it twice but didn't really feel anything both times. Don't really like how it hurts your throat though.
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I am frequently drunk for long periods (all of today, for example) but I don't like being high for hours on end.
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i smoke once in a's not BAD as people make it seem.
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Although I backslid a bit this weekend when an old friend visited, I pretty much stopped this when I bought my house and could no longer afford it.
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I did it a couple dozen times, it was pretty cool. I had quite a few pothead friends (who talked about how it wasn't addictive yet smoked it everyday - I know it isn't chemically addictive, but neither is gambling), so I just did it when they had some to spare. It's been at least six years though, and I'm 32.
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I get high on life and Anne Hathaway.
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The first couple of times I smoked it was pretty rough on my throat and I didn't really like it and didn't get very high. Plus, I don't really like the smell of weed.

The 4th time I smoked, I had memory loss for like 5 hours that day. I definitely got high that time.
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