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cashmere ties

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While at the Nordstrom Rack, I came across a 100% cashmere tie by Faconnable. What is everyone's experience here with cashmere ties? Do they hold up well, and do they tie good knots? This would be my first cashmere tie if I decide to go back for it.
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One of my best knotting ties is a cashmere (60%, I think) and silk number from Carlo Fraco. However, I think the knotting quality has more to do with the lining than the material itself. Generally, I am a fan of cashmere ties, although the season for them is rapidly drawing to a close (85 degrees predicted tomorrow in DC!).
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Depends on the quality of the cashmere, which is hard to tell at the beginning, at least for me. How much will it pill, etc. I have one or two nice ones but not sure if I would buy more. Certainly no cashmere knitted ties.
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I have two 100% cashmere ties, both of which have seen heavy rotation during the cooler months. One's an Attolini which I picked up from Ian, and the other a Barbera from another eBay seller. The quality of the cashmere and overall construction appear to be outstanding - no pilling to date, and they have held up quite well.
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Faconnable ties are very good.

I own 4 or 5 ties in cashmere and they look good.

I have 3 100% cashemre ties : a plain pink, a light grey, a pin striped dark grey and a couple of mixed with silk.
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Faconnable ties (made in France) are made by Breuer to my understanding, and Breuer is very good. One of my favorites.
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All of my cashmere ties were purchased at the old Holland&Holland sales. I believe I have about 5 of them, handmade in England. Retail was over $125, I think they sold at the sale for about $10. I really only wear two of them, primarily because my firm is business casual. They are the thin type, maybe 3" at the bottom. Lovely patterns. They make a nice thick knot, but as someone said earlier, we're rapidly approaching the end of the season for such items.
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I too was recently at Nordstrom Rack in Plano, Texas and came across a number of Faconnable 100% cashmere ties on the sale table. I purchased 6 of them all in distinctly different patterns. They were on sale for anywhere from $12-15 each....regular price $90. If you come across a deal like this on 100% Cashmere ties...especially by Faconnable you should definitely pick up as many as you can comfortably afford. I wore a light/medium grey plaid patterned cashmere tie with a medium grey with white pinstiped suit to work the other day, and everyone commented on how the tie made the entire outfit look so rich and upscale. You will more than likely be the only person in your work or social environment wearing an item like a cashmere tie at any given time. A simple item like a cashmere tie can elevate your style IQ in an instant. That's what style is all about...standing out from the crowd with carefully chosen pieces that add to your overall sense of style.
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Cashmere ties are most special. I have about 10 and find them to be a refreshing change from silk ones.
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Agreed. I always get comments on my cashmere ties.
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Cashmere ties make great knots. I personally prefer them unlined as I find they can get unwieldy if not.
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Cashmere/wool ties are great. I'm in academia, so I think that they work well (especially since we don't teach in the summer ). As such, I'm gradually shifting away from pure silk ties and heading towards blends or cashmere ties.
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I love cashmere ties! All mine are by Old England that I bought in Paris.
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Here are 6 of my Faconnable 100% Cashmere Ties:

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First, third, and last from top are my favourites of those.
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