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I saw some black guy walking down the street yesterday saying "im a nigger, im a nigger, im a nigger....".
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Ziggy is the man:
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I was eating brunch at a rather nice seafood restaurant on the UWS, and its not unusual for people to have their dogs with them or near them outside during NYC brunch time. I watched this woman order her small dog a hamburger and diet coke, even as homeless people were walking right by...
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Originally Posted by JohnGalt View Post
Ziggy is the man

Nay! amerikajinda is the man!
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In a city close to here lives a guy who always wears leather pants, quotes stuff from the bible and insults people with stuff like:

Shouting at a woman with her daughter who were sitting outside of a restaurant "You whore, don't you have a father for your bastard children?"

Shouting at some bankers in their lunch break "You bloody homos, you should be honest and masturbate instead like Jesus!"

Most people from the region are used to it and just ignore him.
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Moo's a small timer. This is weird:

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Originally Posted by acidicboy View Post
a bunch of construction workers on their break holding down one of their pals while a guy is pulling his pants off.

wait... what?
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Originally Posted by sonick View Post

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I followed a guy for a couple of blocks on the sidewalk in Midtown (Manhattan). He was wearing a suit and whacking himself on the top of his head with a newspaper. Not just every now and then. Continuously.
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Hahahaha Tell me about it! unfortunately i dun have my digital camera ready for uploading photos. But its good that I came across this forum
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I did quite a bit of business years ago with a dude who constanty said "thirty-three". Constantly.
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hilarious thread i spent last year in new orleans and the two years before that in india, so ive seen so much wild shit that i cant remember any specifics, but the stories being posted in here are cracking me up
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i found myself speaking out loud to a bird once. a few people walking by saw it too and gave me some pretty disappointed looks.
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I once saw a woman with bright red hair walking her ferret, repeatedly saying to herself "I'm a good girl" and shouting gibberish and insults to passers-by. They just ignored her.
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I noticed ferrets have appeared here more than once. My ferret story is being at bar in a small, historic mining town. A group of us hit a bar around 11pm on a week night, and the only other patrons were two sort of seedy characters, one of them with a ferret in a cage on the bar. We dubbed him "Ferret Man" of course.
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