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unstructured jackets (VCH)

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I recall that before SF went down there was a thread with someone asking about unstructured jackets. Anyone interested in such would be well served by visiting virtual clothes horse (Lance) who has a new shipment of Borellis. I just received mine from Lance, and it was better than expected -- and I expected a lot.

(No affiliation with VCH other than being a happy customer)
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Are you sure you're not confusing un-structured with quarter-lined? I don't recall seeing any unstructured Borrelli on his site. I could be wrong though.

To me, unstructured means absolutely no padding in the shoulder. The Borrelli shoulder is very soft, but I wouldn't call it un-structured.

Regardless, I'll agree with you on the quality of stuff Lance has on offer. I just got a Borrelli from him and I have 2 more coming soon.
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there is just a whisper of shoulder padding -- essentially none and no form of canvassing.

I should have made clear that I didn't mean to say all of his Borrellis are like this, but some are, e.g., tweeds.
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