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I need help

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I'm 23 I'm athletic, 5'11, short brown hair, brown eyes. I'm here because I have no idea how to dress. I have no taste what so ever. I typically wear a black t-shirt, jeans, and vans. I don't have patience when it comes to shopping for clothes, I get in a clothing store and grab something and buy it and turns out it was a horrible choice and I wasted money. So now that I'm getting older, I think I need to dedicate some time to actually figuring out what my style is.

Are there any blogs or sites out there that will make it easier for me to establish a style?

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You need some inspirations, look at this thread:

Warning: That thread is one of the longest you can find on the Internet, so, be patient. Browse from the bottom up might be a good idea. There are a lot of people there, with completely different styles, you might be able to find something you like.
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I'd also recommend the "Streetwear and Denim" version of that thread. At 23, given your lifestyle, you probably don't want to jump 100% into the world of suits and wool trousers. I think you'll want to mix just a few dressy pieces into a more casual look at first, and then escalate from there.
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People who don't know how to dress don't understand that fit is the single most important aspect to the well dressed man or woman.

Obviously, you don't want to be wearing obnoxiously mismatched pieces, as well.

Do spend some time looking at the "what are you wearing" thread and notice the fit and compare it to the average Joe on the street and you'll know what I mean.

Also, notice the details and accessories (especially shoes). Those can turn a good outfit into a great one when done well.
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The lack of patience for shopping probably would translate to a lack of patience for very lengthy threads or blogs. From which it might not be a good idea to build a style.

If there is an actual need to dress better, the site below might be helpful It's not the only way, but certainly it is one of the easier ways.
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This sonuds like a tread for Streetwear.
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