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Which polo here, is best for you?

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A.) is nice for me. "Nice for me" is the appropriate response in this case imho.
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I voted B. The first does not have a logo; how are other people going to know what brand I'm wearing?
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I vote C. Save your money and spend it on another polo or item. I am not a huge fan of polos with multi-colored collars. I like a few striped Lacoste polos, solid colored Lacoste polos, solid colored Le tigre polos, solid colored Polo polos, striped Polo polos and solid colored Fred Perry polos. I have either not had experience or am just not a fan with many other brands.
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Tough call. But I love the Fred Perry laurels, and two stripes is better than one, especially with those colors.
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Don't like the Steeler colors.
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Originally Posted by montecristo#4
Don't like the Steeler colors.
That's what I like about it
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Gotta see more than that. Knowing the way FP polos fit and assuming that the J. Press one has low armholes and a body large enough to hold several people, I'm going to say damn the logo and get the FP, at the risk of odd people coming up to you and asking where you got "that shirt from Match Point". If they're cut the same, then I'd like the Press shirt better if it had a double-striped collar.
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B for me. A seems to be missing something imo.
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Fred Perry's , in A's colors.
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B - it's the preferred brand of shaven head nationalists!

'shirt by fred, 'nuff said'
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I voted "A", not that it matters I almost never wear polos, I own one, a pink AA.
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Definately Fred Perry, they're also the only polo I think looks really cool with the top button done up. The more expensive 'made in england' ones are better, they have a slimmer fit. Also if you're ordering online be careful, I've found here in the UK the Fred Perry sizing is really odd, I'm a medium in Ralph Lauren custom fit but an extra small in Fred Perry polos.
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I chose B because Fredd Perry usually fit the best for me, don't mind the colour scheme either.
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I am happy some chose a. (J Press), I don;t like black so much for either.

I have 1 J Press, but without the buttons, I cannot find it on the website to show. The fit is very nice, not tight, or like a bag.
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