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A few questions: 1. How is the general quality of Baldersarrini 's dress shirts and suits? 2. How is the cut in general? 3. Would the fabric drape well on my frame (6'0 feet, 160 lbs)
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I can only give my opinion on Baldessarini shirts: the quality of the cloth is outstanding, a very nice cotton. The cut is a bit wider than Borrelli and certainly Attolini. You are about the same size and weight as I am, therefore I think it would fit you well.
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1. Suits are AWESOME, one of my favorites. Almost all the suits are canvassed.
2. A tad wide. I wear a 42R and I ALWAYS have to get the back taken in.
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i'm pretty certain that all baldessarini dress shirts are made in switzerland

there are generally two models, shaped fit and not, with the shaped fit having the rear darts to make a very slim fitting shirt - the quality of both are very good although i believe there is not hand stitching involved

given your height and weight, you'd do better with their shaped fit models

the suits are all canvassed and made by caruso in italy and 'traditional' in cut (it's not a fashion suit)

they are a bit big and as the previous poster indicated, the jacket may have to be taken in a bit on the side/back (it is designed for an older gentleman with the thought, i guess, of not being so slim?) but at your height and weight, you'll fit in it but likely find yourself swimming a bit in the jacket in the middle
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I have two Baldessarini suits and they have a fantastic drape.
You should have no problems with your build.
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