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Some of you have very depressing closets.

Originally Posted by spertia View Post
Granted, this isn't the MC side of the forum, but I'm still surprised by the lack of shoe trees in these footwear photos. Why spend a few hundred bucks on a pair of shoes and then omit the $25 trees that will dramatically extend the shoes' lifespan and appearance?
An early death for a few of those shoes would be a good thing.
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I see your point, spertia. I'm considering a few pairs for some of my more beloved shoes. That said, the leather of most of my shoes (TBC) holds its shape pretty well on its own and the boots are meant to be/look beaten up. On a side note, while most of my shoes retailed for $250-300, I never really paid more than $100 each for them, and the Corcorans and MOMAs were each $30 on Ebay. You talkin' about my closet/shoes, robin??? Those're fightin' words!
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modest closet of a high schooler

I really only have to be in formal dress for concerts and such but I plan to get a TaT suit or tux later on in the year (lucky me I live in Pasadena and they're local).
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i think we need a PG update
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I've an entire room as my closet.
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^ Pictures As for shoe tress, I don't understand the fuss. I have them for a few pairs, but I have never noticed a difference between my treeless shoes and my treed shoes.
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Doing the F/W switch in my modest closets.


Outerwear/heavy knits

Lighter knits will go in drawers--I"m beginning to think I'm over-invested in gray.

Did not photo my suit/coat/trouser rack.
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You have your heavy knits hanged but lighter knits folded?
If I were you I would have it done the other way around.
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The two heavy ones would take up a drawer themselves, so they need to hang. I have nice, large shouldered hangers for them!
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Is the sweater on top of the LL Bean Norwegian a NdG marled wool sweater?
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you got some sweet stuff shoreman. For instance, that EG cardigan... so, post more fit pics!
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and a bump i will give it!

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Do you like white shoes? I've been meaning to DIY up a neat kind of hanger/shoeholder mix but i always delay it and then forget it for a couple months =/.
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Originally Posted by JaPo View Post
Jesus you're privileged.

My wardrobe consists of four drawers; socks, underwear, tops, trousers. And my two pairs of shoes positioned neatly in the corner.

FUK Phatty's wardrobe is the thing of dreams. I dream about that wardrobe.

Looks like a B&B Italia closet system you've got there. Used to sell B&B. Great stuff, and can make even the worst slob a tidy minimalist.
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Mine right now is a dodgy second hand furniture job Next year going to do a full wall sized wardrobe from ikea, custom with everything perfect. Shoe racks / three drawers / area for denimz (double hangers each) area for work stuff, area for casual stuff Pretty much going to be awesome and what I'll keep for quite a few years, so will drop a fair bit.
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