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wow, that's awesome thatoneguy, I wish i had that much space for mine !
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this, plus a couple drawers in a dresser for knits, denim and boxers/socks and that's it.

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do you like those pant hangers?
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Originally Posted by thatoneguy View Post

do you like those pant hangers?

sure, they work fine as far as I'm concerned.

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I really want to see something that blows my mind. They are all good closets but i want to see a mountain of clothes!

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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

eccentric genius style

Electric blue Raf bolero sighted. I completely forgot he bought that thing. lol8[1].gif
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Originally Posted by shoreman1782 View Post

The two heavy ones would take up a drawer themselves, so they need to hang. I have nice, large shouldered hangers for them!

How do you find the hanger wings on them? Are they minimal or still noticeable? I have really heavy knits that could use hanging because they just cause my sweater stacks to end up a mess.

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the closet and changed into a standing work station. monitor is a bit close to my face bleh



Will be getting a high chair probably x]
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have that mx518 too. great stuff.
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yup. i have had mine for about 4 years and its still as good as new.
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I see gettoasty clothes rack is plagued by the uniqlo down puffer like mine.
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Nothing too fancy, but it's starting to come along.  Hard to take pictures of because it's narrow - out of the picture to the right side, there's an identical wall of shelves behind the door (except there's a lot less clothes on the shelves).


rotated 6.jpg




In an effort to organize my ties, I just (literally, I'm doing it right now, I'm taking a break to post) began converting these shelves to tie shelves.  Very easy DIY, just cut a board of painted pine to the correct size, space them about 2.5-3in apart to fit the ties, and attach them to the shelf walls.  Got 2 rows done so far, 2 more to go.




Cool shoehorn my girlfriend got me, with that liquid gold (Saphir) in the back











More Shoes - missing their Allen Edmonds friend that I just sold on the B&S here :(



rotated 2.jpg





Hanging stuff


rotated 4.jpg





Awesome Daines and Hathaway tray my awesome girlfriend bought me (now that I think about it, she also bought me the pen holder....I should probably marry her already)




Next project is installing a belt hook somewhere.  I also built a cedar shoe rack for my cleats and tennis shoes to air out on.

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I finally got around to doing my closet space "Home Improvement" project. I forgot to take any "before" photos before I took the two huge sliding doors off. But I'm so sick of them.


This is a work in progress, few things left:

  • Ordering a set of ceiling mounted hospital rails and intend to hang a curtain from them. The two sliding doors are not being put back.
  • Have to take it all apart at some point in the future in order to repair the walls and repaint.
  • While apart, I intend to stain it.


My home is very small (and cheap) so I didn't want to put any real money into this. Total cost was ~$125 dollars so far and about 4 hours of my time to this point. You could probably do it for about $60 if you use construction grade wood and metal rods. I seriously considered some of the +$100 store bought packages but I didn't want particle board and I didn't need shelves. But I did need "something" in between in order to make two rows of rods.


Here is my part list (all from a popular home improvement store)

  • 3x rod sockets (brushed nickle)
  • 96" oak rod (cut in two pieces for the right side)
  • 72" oak rod (for the left side)
  • 1x12x8 pine (finish quality) for top shelf.
  • 1x12x6 pine (finish quality) for vertical separator.
  • 2x2x6 pine (finish quality) to serve as anchor point between vertical piece and backer.
  • 1x4x6 pine (cheap!) to server as backer (attached to stud)


One of my primary concerns was not having my shirts cramped. This gave me a lot more room, and it'll look nicer when complete. I moved some of the extra items no longer there into storage. I know it's not "nice" but it's a solid improvement and I'm very happy with it.


Before photo (forgot to take one that had the sliding doors installed)


After photo:



After, showing center column:

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Epicness is coming...
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My little walk in wardrobe

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