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As previously discussed, I can certainly believe the Grensons can be seconds. I bought four pairs from Bennies last time around. While I am more than happy with the value for $150, I did notice a defect on two pairs. First off, there was a slight problem with the welt stitching on a black pair of loafers. The other problem was with the same loafers in brown. One shoe was a bit darker than the other. The difference is minimal, but certainly too much to sell these shoes at retail.

I think I'd be hesitant to buy them at $250, but may give a pair or two a shot and return if not happy.

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Originally Posted by Horace
I found that the 10.5's that I normally wear (sometimes an 11) were often too narrow in the toe box on the Grenson loafers.

Ken: if you happen upon anything in 10.5 or 11 in your travels through Bennies, and you remember, would you mind reporting back? I'd be grateful, naturally.

Went by Bennie's on Piedmont, but I did not see anything I liked very much on the racks in your size. What is left in Grensons and J&M Handmades is pretty much limited to sizes 6-8, but I understand that there are some more A, AA, & AAA widths in J&M Handmades in the back.
The best looking things I saw on the racks were some Magnanni crocodile shoes, both in a captoe oxford (Lorenzo model) and a fullstrap loafer (Louie model). Crocodile shoes are not usually my cup of tea, but these were beauties.
Looking elsewhere myself, it seems that these shoes seem to usually go for $825 (Lorenzo) and $750 (Louie) on most internet sites, but they are only $400 at Bennie's. They are pictured here:
The problem is that there are not many left. In the Lorenzo model they have a 7M brown, 8M brown (3 pairs), 8.5M black (2 pairs), 10M brown and 15M black. They have the Louie model in VERY large sizes only 14M brown (2 pairs), 14M cognac and 15M in black, brown and cognac.
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Thank you Ken. Very kind of you.
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Any update on the Grenson ETA, Chris?
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Originally Posted by chorse123
Any update on the Grenson ETA, Chris?

Just in the wait mode, should hopefully have an ETA by end of week, hopefully sooner.
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