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Originally Posted by nightowl6261a
Our understanding is the same as they were before, re-labled PS return inventory...they are supposedly Masterpiece quality.

This is sounding quite promising, indeed.
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Originally Posted by aportnoy
This is sounding quite promising, indeed.

An ominous quote for someone who wears the same size as you!
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I've bookmarked the site and will be refreshing it every ten minutes.

Any ideas as to when the shoes will be up?
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Sounds like I may need to schedule a trip to Atlanta...
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The Paul Stuart and Asprey sample sales set the bar extremely high, I'll be extremely selective this time, only buy ones that fill the gap, if there's a gap in my shoe line up.
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I am hoping they will get them to me quickly, it may be 3 weeks, it could be 5....we will have to wait and see, not quite sure where the shoes currently are residing, in the states in a warehouse or in England. Rest assured however, as quickly as they come in and I get them catagorized and photos taken, I will announce to all.
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thanks for the heads up...i just changed my home page to this is going to be online-only, right? (as an emory student) i just visited the store--the one on piedmont--for the first time yesterday. i only needed some horsehair brushes, but it was a great store. i'll definitely be back. edit: i think i'm the same size as aportnoy and sysdoc...y'all aren't 8.5D's are you?
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Crap. I''m (a) an 8 1/2,* (b) in Atlanta and (c) feeling like the competition is going to be fierce.

* Though, truth be told, a C fits better than a D, but the point may be moot if all of the shipment is D and wider
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95% are D width, and I will take calls, but would rather you buy them online only because I am short staffed and last time when I put these up, I did not get off the phone for 11 hours. It was fun, but quite grueling trying to run a store and handle the phone all day. Believe me, this time around, the ordering will be easier, more defined as to availability of colors and sizes, and the pics will be sharper and more recognizable. I PROMISE!
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sweet i will definetely be looking at this one!
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Just to have things cleared up...

Since it seems like they will be Stuart's Choice or discontinued Masterpiece shoes, can you tell me whether the size will be in US or UK? Specifically, when they are catalogued and put on the website, will you automatically put them into the proper US sizes, such that all 10US and 9.5UKs will end up in the same area? And as someone who's seems to be around a 9.75US in shoes (EG 888s are a tight fit at US 9.5D and CJ 337 are very slightly large at 9E), would you recommend a 9.5 or a 10?

Thanks for all your help! I thought I'd ask the sizing question now before the inevitable rush.
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I hope there are some nice size US 13's in the few hundred pair you receive.
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Tempting, tempting. Lucky for me, my mom lives not far away from the Kennesaw/Town Center area, and that's the first address listed on your website....
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Thanks for the great news. I bought four pairs from Chris last time. Chris, any chance of including the measurements of the external soles this time (width and length)? I think it's difficult to get the size right without measurements, particularly with the D fitting.
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OMG, just when I'd begun to convince myself that I have enough shoes for a while. It looks like "a while" just turned into 3-5 weeks. As luck would have it, I'll be in Atlanta on business at the end of the month. I may stop in to one of the stores to get correctly sized. Of course, since the sale is online only, now I need to make sure my hotel has web access.....
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