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Jantzen tailor shirts

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For those of you who have purchased Jantzen Tailor shirts - how are they holding up? Would you still order from them?
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A Harris - this would'nt be a trick question would it? If so it's quite funny. You see, according to the 'new rules' governing this non-commercial orientated forum, such questions are only allowed one testimony by a client. See the 'Custom shirts' thread below, which sparked off a mini-controversy (and an amusing one at that). But to answer your question, YES. I would definitely continue to repeatedly order from Jantzen (and I'll leave my answer at that).
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My two shirts are holding up well, although Ricky forgot my last order (to his credit, however, he was very quick once I e-mailed to ask what had happened to it). The only problem I've had beyond that is that he ignored my request for 5mm troca buttons on the second shirt.
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Not a trick question - I am genuinely interested. I registered only a couple of weeks ago so I missed that whole controversy. However someone added a post to it yesterday so I was able to read it. I must say I am quite excited about trying these shirts. I've got a ton of Borrelli, Lorenzini, Brioni etc. but very few of them are perfect. Neck is a bit small on some, sleeves a bit short on others, collar a bit small etc. I got them all for $10-$40 a shirt so I wasn't complaining too much. However I would gladly wear a perfect fitting machine-made shirt with a great collar than I would a Borrelli that doesn't look quite right on me. And from the description and pictures on the website they are a step up in quality from some of the Thomas Pink, Faconnable, older Purple Label (the new ones are made by Lorenzini,) and lower end Zegna shirts I have. I'm going to order two or three shirts and if I'm happy with them then I'll be ordering 3 more per month after that. If they look presentable all my other shirts are going to end up in ebay. And it could be a dream come true for my father who wears a 19" collar and a 38" sleeve. I'll let you guys know how it goes. And if any of you have more comments, good or bad, on shirts you have already ordered please let me know.
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Jantzen Fan: Very well posted. You are indeed following "the new Rules". Your participation in other topics is also welcomed and appreciated.
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