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Does this suit fit?

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Hi everyone,

I bought this Navy RLBL suit on Yoox and hoped for the best. I thought the slim suit would fit me better but am not so sure now. Can you give me your opinion on whether this suit fits ok? Thanks.
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I'd say the overall fit is good (even showing a bit of cuff ).

The lower portions of the jacket look a bit tight, but that's probably just the result of buttoning the lower button. Do you have any photos with only the top button done up?
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It looks tight in the chest. The front label is bowing and appears to be straining. Maybe it's the angle of the pic?

Does it feel tight across the chest when you move your arms?
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Looks a tad short to me. Shoulders and through the body look good.
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Shoulders look good but the chest is a little tight.
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Don't ask us. Ask yourself - WWAWLWD?
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Typical RLBL problems: way-too-tight chest, loose collar, funky sleeves.
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It looks a littel tight in the chest adn don't button the bottom button.
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A little tight?
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Way too tight.
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you should prob just sell it to me if it is a 38s
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Thanks everyone for your opinion! It means a lot to me. The chest feels fine to me, but its the midsection that i think is too small.
Here is another pic with the top button only. Based on most of the post I think I am going to return it :-( I really need a suit for a wedding in July.
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It looks tight in the mid section. Despite the love it gets here, RLBL is not for everybody and every body type. It looks to me like you would do better with a wider lapel.
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yeah its a bit to tight, whatever jacket size that is it needs to be 1 size up then tailored.
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I actually like the fit a lot, though I always err on the small and snug side. The model in the RL website wears it slimmer than yours and it looks great to me
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