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Advice for black tie event

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I've got a black-tie event tomorrow night that I will have to attend, along with other co-workers. I have a decent black suit (notched SB 2 button), and polished cap-toe bals to wear, but only a regular point collar white shirt (barrel cuffs).

Given that I don't have time to really do anything except add a tie to this (I will be at the hospital working tomorrow), what are my options? I only heard about attending tonight, so I didn't have advance warning. From what I understand, many people will be wearing suits, but I want to want to dress as appropriately as I can.

Would a solid black tie be best to wear? Silver? Other options?

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Black tie usually means time to break out the tuxedo.

Is the event black-tie or black-tie optional?
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Why would people be wearing suits if this is a black tie event?

Or is this event planner attempting to be witty with some semblance as to imply to wear a black tie?
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Sorry, I meant to say black tie optional. I just got more details about the event this morning.

Would a Black or silver solid tie still be more appropriate then a regular colored patterned tie?

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If it's black tie optional and I didn't have my dinner jacket to hand, I would not try to copy a black tie effect too closely.

Instead, I would go for an elegantly cut suit, a regular collared shirt (predominantly white I think) with an interesting patterned tie. Stylish and appropriate without trying to ape a black tie look with the wrong garments.

Of course, ideally, one would wear black tie unless you know no-one else will be doing so (in which case, why is the invite not cocktail attire rather than black tie optional).
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navy blue suit, pink tie, white shirt?

if the black is all you have, maybe a pale blue or silver near solid tie, possibly with pin dots.
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