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Hey Guys,

I thought I would start this thread on Workaday because it might get missed in the standard EG thread.
I have decided to start the Workaday program which will be an ongoing selection of items being offered by EG under this label.
We are going to start slow with this and build as I see interest. We will start with the Olive Fatigue Pant in sizes XS/30, S/32, M/34, L/36.They will be $185.00 w/ free shipping in USA. I have ordered a fair amount of these seeing that at the moment we will be the only retailer in the US. Odin will jump on board with their Fall/ Winter offerings.
If we get enough interest in other items from this collection, we will then go forward with them. Hoodies for instance have been requested but I will not buy these unless we get some commitments from you. Meaning pre-orders!

Here are the styles offered for Workaday,

Workaday Thermal Lined Hoody
Colors - Navy, Black, Grey

Workaday 19th BD
Colors - White Oxford, Blue Oxford, Blue x White Candy Stripe Oxford, Red x White Candy Striped Oxford

Workaday Fatigue Pant
Colors - Olive Reversed Sateen

Workaday Tapered Jean
Color - Indigo Selvage Denim

Workaday Tapered Cord
Color - Tan, Black, Maroon, Brown
Poly Cotton Cord

Workaday Overnighter Bag
Color - Natural, Navy

Workaday Tote Bag
Color - Natural, Navy

Let me know by calling me at 617-547-2067. The pants should be here next week.

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Gary - not sure if this has been asked before, but is there a lookbook or webiste you can recommend for viewing the stock and photos?
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Not that I am aware of but I think Robin posted some pics up in the S/S 09 thread. Items that Bureau had purchased. I will check with Angelo about Pics. If he has something, you can be sure that I will bring them to you.
I know that there are some pics of the Fatigue pant floating around but right now I do not have the time to go looking for them. Anyone!
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Sounds good, Gary.

I found some pics of the pants, jeans, and other some other items here.
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Let's simplify this:

Originally Posted by robin View Post
Here are a few fall preview pictures of F/W workday stuff from the bureau.

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Fatigue pants in olive Overnighter bags in navy and natural Tote bags in navy and natural (I have both of these from last year and they've been great)
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Whats the pricing like on the bags?
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I like the look, price is too high for me because i actually work in my work wear clothes so they wouldn't last more than 6 months to a year.
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Price on the totes is?
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do we know who makes those totes? my bag from this season seems to be made with the same hardwear.
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What is the difference between Workaday and regular EG? Pricepoint? Inspiration? Fit?
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There is really no difference in models or quality compared to EG. EG decided that there were particular items in their collections that were always in demand and they felt that it was a good idea to included these as an ongoing offering. I am going to try to encourage. them to include the Blue Chambray Work Shirt.

Originally Posted by Racove View Post
What is the difference between Workaday and regular EG?

Pricepoint? Inspiration? Fit?
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so Workaday is more like permanent offerings rather than seasonal pieces
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Are those brown or maroon?
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