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My best suggestion for you Vincent is to try Cellnique's Skin Action Gel Plus.  It reduces inflamed acne breakouts quickly and without pain.  Also it is much better for treating just an invidivudal spot like you described.  Plus its only $54 bucks! I would check it out here....

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I use to have pretty bad acne on my back especially and not so bad on my face - the occasional breakout every couple of weeks. My skin especially on my back is completely clear and face is clear except for my neck where shaving brings out spots. I cut out all dairy and wheat and they vanished. I think has to more with dairy. I had some dairy the other week and for the next week i had some spots appear on my face. I also drink a lot of bone broth, which does wonder for my skin. It is highly anti inflammatory and spots are often a sign of inflammation somewhere in the body. 

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These topics always get spammers pitching their acne products lmao.
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You know, the best way to have perfect skin is to eat healthily. And by healthily I mean no seafood (except fish), no gluten, no dairy, not too much sodium, no caffeine (green tea is OK), no instant stuff (noodles, soup, etc.) and no sweets / sugar. AND you have to take supplements and stuff to keep your skin healthy. No bangs so you'll avoid forehead pimples. I should know because I do it. I know, it's a pain but it works and what you want is something that works, right? Try it for about 2 weeks and then you'll see the difference! You won't even have to use any skin products!!



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